The State Offensive to Develop Academic/Economic Excellence (LOEWE) is a state programme that is designed to make higher education institutions and research institutes in Hesse more competitive, both nationally and internationally.

To provide a stronger profile for research in Hesse, funds are primarily used to give start-up funding for new centres and major focuses at the higher education facilities in Hesse or in cooperation with research institutes in Hesse. LOEWE provides funding for outstanding joint academic projects, particularly any intense networking of academic centres, research performed outside universities and the business world along three funding lines.

The funding line 1 (centres) and the funding line 2 (major focuses) are handled in a two-stage procedure. Involvement in this funding programme with promising applications is particularly important for the academic development and profiling of the University of Kassel and is supported strongly by the President’s cabinet. Overall, three outline suggestions can be submitted by the university management on 15 April each year. In order to identify suitable initiatives, a selection is made by the President’s cabinet in an internal procedure within the university first.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­ce­du­re

The President’s cabinet asks the specialist fields via the deans’ offices to submit their declaration of intent with an outline in the prescribed format by 1 November. Once it has been selected, the outline is normally fleshed out in close cooperation with the Research Services Office in line with the prescribed format from the LOEWE business centre by the beginning of April. The project is submitted by the President’s cabinet. You will find the other steps in the selection procedure on the home page of the LOEWE business centre.

LOEWE business centre [German]

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LOEWE fun­ding li­nes

LOEWE centres (funding line 1)

EUR 1.5 million – EUR 6 million p.a. for a maximum period of 7 years with a four-year start-up phase, evaluation and a three-year period of ongoing funding for the stabilisation phase.

Goal: to develop research centres with a special focus on particular topics between non-university research institutes and one or more higher education institution with strategic appointments and structured PhD programmes.

Cores of the research landscape in Hesse are designed to be expanded to become local and regional centres through this funding line.

LOEWE major focuses (funding line 2)

EUR 0.5 to max. EUR 1.2 million p.a. for 4 years
Goal: to develop excellent major focuses of research work at higher education institutions in the state of Hesse

Selection criteria: innovative capability, structure formation, networking, reputation and the prospect of external funding in the combined funding provided by the DFG, the German government and the EU

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