What is LOEWE?

The State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence (LOEWE for short) is an excellence program launched by the State of Hessen in 2008 to promote outstanding and innovative research projects intended to make universities and research institutions in Hessen more competitive both nationally and internationally.

Cur­rent Information: Calls for fun­ding li­nes 1,2 and 5 are now avail­able on­line

The the call has been published on the website of the LOEWE office. You will find the link to it at the end of this page

Current information: Calls for funding lines 1,2 and 5 are now available online: More Infos

Information on the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on lan­gua­ge

Please note: Applications for the LOEWE state programme must be submitted in German.

The LOEWE program provides targeted science policy impulses to strengthen the Hessian research landscape positively and sustainably. It enables Hessian universities, if necessary in cooperation with research institutions, to develop profiling scientific key research areas.

LOEWE supports outstanding collaborative scientific projects, in particular, intensive networking between science, non-university research, and industry in five funding lines:
- Funding line 1: LOEWE Research Centers
- Funding line 2: LOEWE Research Clusters
- Funding line 3: LOEWE-SME joint projects
- Funding line 4 a/b: LOEWE excellence professorships/LOEWE professorships
- Funding line 5: LOEWE-Exploration

De­tails for the fun­ding li­nes

Funding lines 1 (LOEWE Research Centres) and 2 (LOEWE Research Clusters) are implemented in a two-stage procedure. Participation in this funding program with promising applications is of particular importance for the scientific development and profile building of the University of Kassel. The Presidium supports it to the best of its ability. The HMWK usually issues the call for proposals on December 1 of each year. The University can submit a total of three draft proposals by April 15 of each year. In order to identify suitable initiatives, a selection is made by the Presidium in a preceding internal university procedure.

The new funding line 5 - LOEWE Exploration, introduced in August 2020, aims to open up the possibility of implementing novel, highly innovative, and daring research ideas that challenge or substantially expand current scientific understanding. Funding is directed toward a time-limited, exploratory phase in which the viability of a new or unconventional research approach is to be tested. Risk, courage to fail, and unexpected findings are integral components of the program. Applications can only be submitted in the course of an HMWK call for proposals. Calls for proposals are usually issued twice a year.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Pro­ce­du­re Fun­ding Li­nes 1 - LOEWE Re­se­arch Cen­tres and 2 - LOEWE Re­se­arch Clus­ters

The Presidium invites the departments via the Deans' Offices to submit their declaration of intent, including an outline in the specified format by November 1.  After selection, the draft is usually to be prepared in close coordination with the Research Service by the beginning of April according to the given format of the LOEWE office. The submission is made through the Presidium. For the further steps of the selection process, please refer to the homepage of the LOEWE office.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Pro­ce­du­re Fun­ding Li­ne 5 - LOEWE Ex­plo­ra­ti­on

Applications can only be submitted in the course of an HMWK call for proposals. Calls for proposals are usually issued twice a year. The submission must be notified to the head of the institution at the latest upon submission of the proposal. Anonymized application documents, i.e., the participating scientists' identity, career stage, and institutional affiliation must not be revealed. References to own publications are only permissible insofar as they do not allow conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the participating scientists.

LOEWE fun­ding li­nes

Funding volume:
1.5 to 6 million € p.a. for a maximum of 7 years with a four-year start-up phase, evaluation, and three-year continuation of funding for the permanence phase; personnel, material and investment costs, infrastructure and administrative costs.

Already established, third-party-funded research alliances at universities and non-university research institutions are to take up topics that are significant for Hessen and further develop them into internationally visible and competitive research complexes.

Selection criteria:
Quality of research; the reputation of the applicants; potential for sustainable structural development in the Hessian research landscape; embedding in the long-term strategy of the institutions involved in the application.

Funding volume:
0.5 to max. 1.2 million € p.a. for four years (incl. overhead); personnel, material and investment costs, infrastructure and administrative costs.

Development of excellent research foci at Hessian universities.

Selection criteria:
Innovativeness; structural development; networking; reputation and third-party funding perspectives in the collaborative funding of the DFG, the federal government, and the EU

Scientists with a finished Ph.D. who work at a university in Hesse and can prove at least two years of research experience, including international publications, are eligible to apply.

Funding volume:
200,000 to max. 300,000 euros (incl. overhead allowance) for a maximum of two years (100,000 to max. 150,000 euros p.a.); personnel and material costs

Implementation of novel, highly innovative, and daring research ideas; testing new, unconventional research approaches.

Selection criteria:
Originality and novelty of the idea, transformative potential; coherent planning of implementation to advance the concept noticeably.

Cur­rent LOEWE fun­ding gui­de­li­nes and an­noun­ce­ments

The funding guideline as of August 2020 contains all important information for LOEWE funding from the 15th funding cycle onwards. In addition, you will find an overview of current dates and announcements on the LOEWE office page.

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