On this page you will find answers to common questions that may arise in the context of internal funding through the ZFF.


In general, APL professors are also allowed to submit applications if they are entrusted with independent research and teaching tasks according to § 32 para. 4 HHG. However, we would ask you to contact the Research Service before submitting an application.

The money can be used for project coordination, as this is not provided by other internal or external services.

The proposals are submitted via Converis, the format of the proposal results from the online mask.

Scientists from all departments as well as from the School of Art are represented in the Research Commission. For more information on the Research Commission and their meeting schedule, please visit the following link: http://www.uni-kassel.de/intranet/organisation/gremien/kommissionen/komfor.html


The Research Commission usually discusses the submitted proposals within 2-3 weeks after the respective deadline and proposes projects to the Presidential Board for funding. For proposals submitted in May, a decision is made by the Presidential Board in August at the latest; for proposals submitted in the fall, a corresponding decision is made by the Board in February at the latest, with the aim that funded projects can start in the respective following month.

Research at the University of Kassel is often interdisciplinary, so that the assignment of the proposal to a department does not automatically imply a clear disciplinary affiliation. Your choice of a sub-commission will help the Research Commission to classify which members are best suited to discuss your proposal and present it to the other commission members. Proposals in the Project and Coop funding lines are discussed within the respective subcommittees and presented to the remaining commission members with a funding recommendation. Proposals in the funding lines Individually Qualified, Pilot and Focal Point will be intensively reviewed by one subject-related and one non-subject-related commission member and then discussed by all members before the entire commission makes a funding recommendation.

Subcommittees are in contact with each other through the Research Commission meetings. The final recommendation for funding is made by the full Research Commission based on the recommendation of the subcommittees. If during the discussion of the proposal it becomes evident that it would be better reviewed by the other subcommittee, this will be taken into account in the review process, although this may lead to a delay in the decision-making process.

The aim of the funding line Individually Qualified is to promote proposals for excellence- and junior group leader programs. During the review, it is also checked whether the proposal for the planned third-party funded project is promising. Since all programs have their own requirements for applicants, it is advisable to identify a funding line in advance and to shape the proposal to it. Alternative funding opportunities can also be identified.

Generally, a flexible use of funds is possible. It is recommended that the use of co-funding be individually tailored to the planned project. If you plan to use the budget for personnel expenses, for example, the WissZeitVG should be taken into account. The Research Support is available for further information.

In this case, funding is unfortunately not possible. The budgets has to be used to support researchers at the University of Kassel.

Neither the low funding level of up to €10,000 / project nor the project duration of 12 months are suitable for supporting doctoral candidates. The funding is therefore limited to short-term measures to support preparation for a third-party proposal, such as the support of research work by student assistants, the piloting of research methods or presentation of the research idea at professional conferences.

Members of the KHS can also apply for the Project funding line. The prerequisite is that the proposed project aims to raise third-party funds for further research. The applicant should be eligible to apply to the targeted third-party project. Both aspects should be clearly stated in the application.

For further questions regarding the individual funding lines please contact us at the Research Support via forschung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de