Aca­demic awards

A specific commitment to the field of nominations and applications from researchers and academics, young researchers and students for academic awards is extremely important to the University of Kassel.

The Research Service staff unit offers an overview of prices. It advises on the various application and nomination procedures and coordinates the corresponding application processes.

Con­tact de­tails

If you have any questions about academic awards, calls for proposals or questions on a specific nomination, please contact the Research Services Office.

Coordination for Academic Awards
Carolin Schwarz

Award-win­ning aca­dem­ics at the Uni­versity of Kas­sel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Niendorf  



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Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg

ERC Starting Grant


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Dr. Christian Nöding

CCI Science Award


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Dr. Barbara Sturm



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Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Hemken*

Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching


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Prof. Dr. Claudia Finkbeiner*

Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching


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Dr. Thorge Brünig

CCI Science Award


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Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen,
Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg,
Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel*
Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching2020More information
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Seim*Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching2020More information


* For the Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching , the persons in charge are listed here.

Ap­plic­a­tion and nom­in­a­tion pro­ced­ures

The university management or other researchers must nominate you for many renowned academic awards. The University of Kassel proposes academics for their outstanding achievements following a decision by the President’s cabinet. In some departments, the dean’s office in the faculty or colleagues can submit nominations to the relevant foundations.


List of aca­demic awards

Academic Prize of the BBAW    Deadline: in odd years end of November
Alexander von Humboldt Professorship Deadline: annually on 15 April and 15 September
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Prize Deadline: in uneven years end of April
Max Planck Humboldt Research Award Deadline: annually end of November
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize Deadline: annually end of January
Heinz Maier Leibnitz Prize Deadline: annually end of August
Communicator Prize Deadline: annually end of December
Gerda Henckel Prize Deadline: annually in January
Karl Heinz Beckurts Prize Deadline: annually mid-May
Ernst Schering Prize Deadline: annually beginning of December
Balzan Prize Deadline: annually in March
Hector Science Award Deadline: annually in August
Humboldt Research Award Submission: possible at any time
Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize    Current: no tender
Bielefeld Science Award Deadline: in odd years end of January
Copernicus Award Deadline: annually in July
ERC Grants Deadlines: vary according to funding line
Erwin Schrödinger Prize for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research Deadline: annually in March
Eugen and Ilse Seibold Prize Deadline: in odd years in December
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award Submission: possible at any time
Hamburg Science Award Deadline: in even years end of October
Heineken Prizes Deadline: annually mid-October
academics Prize: Professor of the Year Deadline: annually end of September
Excellence in teaching    Deadline: annually in July
Hesse Demography Prize Deadline: annually mid-March
Hesse Animal Welfare Research Prize Deadline: annually mid-June
Academic Prize for Hesse History and Regional Studies Deadline: in odd years beginning of December

Nomination by the university

Albert Maucher Prize    Current: no tender
Alfried Krupp Funding Prize for Young Professors Deadline: annually mid-February



academics Prize: Young Academic of the Year    Deadline: annually end of September
Augsburg Academic Prize for Intercultural Studies Deadline: annually end of October
German Study Prize Deadline: annually in March
GDD: Academic Prize in Data Protection and Data Security Deadline: annually mid-January
Leopoldina Early Career Award Deadline every two years
Georg Forster Research Award Deadline: annually end of October
Maria Weber Grant Deadline: annually mid-September
CCI Funding Award Deadline: in odd years end of March
CCI Science Award Deadline: in odd years end of March


Awards at the University of Kassel

You will find details about the awards at the Univerity of Kassel here.

A list of the awards:

  • Hans Martin Prize for Innovative Labour Economics Work
  • Arthur Fandrey Fund
  • Prize from the Claas Foundation
  • Gerhard Fürst Prize
  • Barbara and Alfred Röver Foundation Award for Dissertations

Re­search op­tions

Co­ordin­a­tion of Aca­demic awards

Carolin Schwarz
Research services