Sup­port for ma­king an ap­p­li­ca­ti­on

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Without additional finances for the basic funding at the university, researchers and academics are unable to realise many ideas. The team at the Research Services Office advises and supports you by:


  • providing individual advice about making applications and implementing measures
  • inspecting application documents and giving feedback from a perspective that is not coloured by the subject matter
  • making available important tools and instructions for organising the application and reworking it
  • holding events on individual funding programmes and generally strengthening the expertise in making applications
  • offering follow-up advice if the application has not been successful
  • giving preparatory support for evaluation dates by outside supporters of research
  • reprocessing research information and advising on funding programmes

Im­portant no­ti­ce

For applications which will be submitted to the university leadership by the Research Services Office, a processing time of three weeks has to be calculated. For justified exceptional cases it would be two weeks.

The application must already be provided in its ultimate version for this internal deadline, viz. all legally relevant documents, financial plan, working plan and the essential aspects of the project description in their fnal version. Mimimal chances in the application text are however - if needed - still possible during the deadline. In this case, please contact the Research Services Office to clarify necessary revisions in advance of submission.

Fun­ding ad­vice

The Office provides advice when applications are submitted for external funding. It will enable you to find what you need to know to make an application for individual projects or in the case of joint applications.

Funding advice: Forward

Fi­nan­ci­al mat­ters

The external funding management group supports researchers and academics at the university in handling their research projects, ranging from the application to essential agreements that need to be signed, managing the funds and even accounting for them.

Financial matters: More Infos

Re­marks for first ap­p­li­cants

Important information about research grant applications and funding for a temporary position to the DFG can be found in our toolbox. To apply for a temporary position you will need a confirmation of compliance. Your responsible contact within the Personnel Department in this regard can be found here.



Our toolbox with important principles, manuals and guidelines on making applications is designed to help you prevent frequent errors when making applications and present your application in line with the standards and expectations for the relevant funding programme in the best possible way.

Toolbox: Forward

Sup­por­ters of re­se­arch pro­jects

Findings and innovations generated by research are the most important indicators of academic success. Many institutions in an international or national context therefore support research projects at centres of higher education. The Office provides a list of relevant foundations and programmes, including funding provided at state or federal level or from the European Union.

Supporters of research projects: Forward

DFG Liai­son Of­fi­cer

The DFG Liaison Officer serves as an on-site point of contact for researchers who are considering funding support by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and has to be notified about all submitted applications to the DFG. In our toolbox you can find a template for the notification to the Liaison Officer.

DFG Liaison Officer: Forward

DFG Net­work

Members of the DFG Network support and advice researchers in a collegial context with their applications to the DFG.

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