Detailed funding advice

The Research Support is your first point of contact for preparing applications for research funding. Our services are geared towards all the researchers and academics at the University of Kassel.

Contact details

Research Support
Phone: +49 561 804-2208

We support you as you prepare your applications by:


  • offering precise information on current calls for proposals and making available the relevant application documents
  • discussing interdisciplinary aspects of the application
  • inspecting the applications with a view to their structure, form, congruence and comprehensibility
  • coordinating internal university procedures (e.g. the internal coordination process with specialist departments and the university management in the case of joint applications)
  • providing support for preparing appraisals at the local site
  • assessing the evaluation results and providing advice on ways to improve matters and funding alternatives.

To ensure that we can advise you personally, in a result-oriented manner and constructively, we require some information about your project from you and your planned funding institutions or funding lines. The more precise your ideas are and the more time you allow between your advisory discussions with us and the final submission date, the easier it will be for us to advise you efficiently.

When making an enquiry for advice, please outline in a few sentences your research project and, if necessary, your consortium, your questions and intended external funding programmes or involvement in funding schemes.

You can arrange an appointment with us for an interview in the rooms of the Research Services Team. However, we can also advise you at your workplace, if that is easier.

Please note that you must contact the Research Services Team before submitting your application for all the joint coordinated programmes (e.g. DFG Collaborative Research Centres, DFG Research Training Groups, joint programmes from the EU etc.), as these applications require extensive support and checking by the university. This also applies to all other funding programmes, which link the allocation of funds to promises regarding resources from the university.