Spokespersons for early career researches and artists

Name, Forename Contact
Gurin, Martin
FB 01: Fa­cul­ty of Hu­man Sci­en­ces
Heiden, Anna Katharina
FB 02: Humanities and Cultural Studies
Ödén, Clara
FB 05: Fa­cul­ty of So­ci­al Sci­en­ces
Kiesler, Maik
FB 06: Fa­cul­ty of Ar­chi­tec­tu­re, Ur­ban Plan­ning, Land­scape Plan­ning
Bichler-Riedl, Wolfgang
FB 07: Fa­cul­ty of Eco­no­mics and Ma­nage­ment
Bröckel, Jan
FB 10: Fa­cul­ty of Ma­the­ma­tics and Na­tu­ral Sci­en­ces
Dr. Hupe, Anke
FB 11: Fa­cul­ty of Or­ga­nic Agri­cul­tu­ral Sci­en­ces
Dr. Thiemicke, Jenny
FB 14: Fa­cul­ty of Ci­vil and En­vi­ron­men­tal En­gi­nee­ring
Dr. Liehr, Alexander
FB 15: Fa­cul­ty of Me­cha­ni­cal En­gi­nee­ring
Dr. Gruhl, Christian
FB 16: Fa­cul­ty of Electri­cal En­gi­nee­ring and Com­pu­ter Sci­ence
Dr. Lübbecke, Gwendolin
College of Art
Dr. Ansari, Christine
Centre for Teacher Training
Trummel, Tabea
Research Training Group multiscale clocks
Schilling, Natalie
Research Training Group "INTERFACH"