Doctoral scholarships

Doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel who are at the start of their doctoral studies and have submitted an application for acceptance as doctoral candidates to the doctoral committee.


The scholarship is endowed with 1,200 euros per month. A subsidy in the amount of 200 euros per month for childcare is possible.

The scholarship is granted for two years. A third year is possible upon application and with the support of the supervising professor. The funding period usually starts on 1/04 for applications in November and on 01/10 for applications in April.


The doctoral scholarship committee decides on the awarding of scholarships according to the criteria of the doctorate proposal's academic quality and prospects of success. Its members include the responsible vice president, at least three professors, one academic staff member and one representative of the currently funded scholarship holders.


An assessment by the supervisor and an independent further assessment are requested from the dean's office of the relevant department by the Doctoral Scholarship Committee.


Please note the following regulations for awarding scholarships. They contain all of the basic conditions and details on the doctoral scholarships.


Regulations for awarding scholarships to doctoral candidates at the University of Kassel (12/03/2021)

There will be no call for applications in the winter semester 2022/2023.

There will be no call for applications in the winter semester 2022/2023


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