Su­per­vising pro­fessor

As a supervisor of a doctoral thesis, you are responsible for introducing young academics to research in accordance with the rules of good academic practice. You supervise them through the doctorate phase, support their participation in expert conferences and colloquia and point the candidates along their career paths.

For information on Ensure Good Academic Practice refer to the Research services.

All doctoral candidates and their supervisors at the University of Kassel agree on a supervision agenda. For details see

The University of Kassel offers support for international graduates/PhD candidates from Foreign. Professors acting as mentors/supervisors can extend an invitation to the University of Kassel to PhD candidates/graduates for a maximum of six months. Details on the contact support.

If a doctoral degree is awarded within four years in the case of state positions or those that are limited in their time period and financed by third-party funds in accordance with WissZeitVG §2 para.1, or within three years in the case of scholarships, the supervisors receive a bonus of 3,000 euros to the respective cost centre of the department.

The cut-off dates for doctorates at state and third-party funded positions are the start of the contractual relationship at the qualification position (state position or third-party funded position) and the date that a first positive assessment is received.

The cut-off dates for scholarships are the date of acceptance by the doctoral committee, as well as the date that a first positive assessment is received. For the allocation of the bonus, a corresponding informal application must be submitted to the Department of Personnel and Organisation.

This amount is to be used for the promotion of young academics, i.e. for publication support, congress participation or other personnel development measures. Support for a postdoctoral phase can also be awarded from this fund to employees who have successfully received their doctorate with the objective of attracting external funding.

Procedures for the bonus application

After completion of the doctoral degree, the bonus can be applied for informally at the Human Resources Department.

The award is specific to an individual. Within the Human Resources Department, the application is reviewed and then the bonus is credited to the specific cost centre.

The application must be sent to Department III D with the following information:

  • The precise employment/scholarship data of the doctoral candidate
  • The date of thesis submission
  • The existence of the initial evaluation report and
  • (only if it is available and applicable) The date of the thesis defence