Semester Fee

Semester fee - 9 Euro Ticket:

As a result of the introduction of the 9€ Ticket and the associated opportunity for use by students with a semester ticket during half of the summer semester 2022, different payment amounts arise for the re-registration for the winter semester 2022/23.
In coordination with the AStA of the University of Kassel, students with a semester ticket for summer semester 2022 will receive a credit note in the amount of 47,88€; this amount is equivalent to the difference between half the price of the semester ticket and three times 9€. The credit note will be set off against the semester fee due for winter semester 2022/23. The amount payable is displayed in the eCampus under Student Service.
247,84€ are to be paid by all students with a semester ticket for summer semester 2022 (295,72€ - 47,88€). This applies to about 90% of all students.
295,72€, that is the full semester fee, are to be paid by students who received a refund for the semester ticket for the summer semester from the AStA, and also by all students who newly enroll at the University of Kassel for the winter semester.
140,25€ are to be paid by students at UniKIMS, who have no semester ticket.

Fee winter semester 2022/23:

295,72 €

First pay­ment

During the enrolment you will receive information how and when to pay the semester fee.


The semester fee is due as part of the re-registration prior to each semester.

Re-registration: Read More

Com­pos­i­tion of the semester fee

1. Studierendenwerk        80,00 €
2. Administration Fee
The administration fee does not apply to exchange students. 
        50,00 €
3. AStA - Student Council    9,00 €

3.1 Semesterticket (+4.06 €)
The amount is distributed to the following transport associations:
NVV 133,84 € , RMV 11,05€, VPH 1,47 €, NWL 3,52 €.

 149,88 €
3.2 Hardship Fund      0,75 €
3.3 "Notfonds"0,50€
3.4 Bicycle Rental System (Nextbike)     1,50 €
3.5  "Kulturticket" (-0,25 €)   4,09 €

Total Required Fee (+3,81 €)

295,72 €

the change from the previous semester in brackets

Man­age­ment School der Uni­versität Kas­sel (UNIKIMS)

For students of the Management School of the University of Kassel (UNIKIMS) the semester fee is € 140,25. This group does not have to pay for the semester ticket, the bicycle rental system and the Kulturticket. Students of the course of studies REMENA are excluded from this regulation.

Bank trans­fer

Please transfer the semester fees to the University of Kassel’s account at Kasseler Sparkasse, quoting the following transfer details:

Recipient: Universität Kassel
IBAN: DE98 5205 0353 0002 1984 28
Name of the bank: Kasseler Sparkasse

QR code

If you use a banking app on your smartphone, you can use it to scan this QR code. The recipient, IBAN and amount will then be filled in automatically. Nevertheless, please make sure to include your matriculation number and your name in the intended purpose.

What is fin­anced with the semester fee?

The Kassel Studierendenwerk (Student Services) provides a range of support services for the students of the University of Kassel. The Studierendenwerk is responsible for processing financial aid applications in accordance with the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bafög) as well as for applications related to student accident insurance programmes. Furthermore, the Studierendenwerk is responsible for running students canteens and cafeterias, for constructing and operating student housing , as well as for providing private accommodation. In terms of social services, the Studierendenwerk offers universal, psychological and legal counseling services. 

For further information see the Studierendenwerk's website.

The administration fee covers a range of general services, including enrolment, leave of absence, re-registration, deregistration, student advising, internship placement, and international student services.  The fee is regulated according to § 56 of the Hessian Higher Education Act, which can be viewed on the Rechtsgrundlagen (Legal Affairs) page. 


According to the Hessian Higher Education Act, university students form a student body which constitutes a legal entity under public law and collects contributions from its members.  The “Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss” (AStA) is the executive agency of this student body.

The semester ticket allows students (with the exception of students of the International Sustainable Agriculture Master programme) the free use of buses, trams and trains in the area of the North Hessian Transport Association (NVV – “Nordhessischen Verkehrsverbundes”).  Transportation is also free on certain routes outside the NVV area (for example, to Eisenach, Paderborn, Göttingen, and Fulda).  The semester ticket can be used during the semester as well as semester breaks.  Obligation to pay the semester contribution is the result of a contractual agreement between AStA and the relevant transport associations.  Any questions in this regard should be directed to the AStA at 0561/804-2886.

Students with free travel authorization due to severe disability may be exempt from the payment of the semester ticket contribution (this must be arranged with the AStA).

Further information on the semester ticket as well as detailed information on transportation within the authorized coverage area(s) can be found on the website of the AStA or at the relevant transport associations.

The Hardship Fund serves to fund reimbursements as well as the work of the university’s hardship office. 

Payment fines are applicable only in cases of late re-registration.  The semester fee is considered late if the payment is not made or not made in full within the registration period. The calculation of the payment fine amounting to € 30 is set by the Hessian Ministry for Science and the Arts which can be found here: Rechtsgrundlagen (Legal Affairs).