Ma­king cor­rect ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons with for­eign cer­ti­fi­ca­tes (Bachelor’s de­gree/sta­te ex­ami­na­ti­on)

We are delighted that you have decided to study at the University of Kassel! There are different application procedures.

A step-by-step gui­de

You will find step-by-step instructions here on how to apply for a place at the university if you have foreign certificates. There are other procedures too:

Ap­p­ly­ing with for­eign cer­ti­fi­ca­tes (Bachelor’s de­gree or sta­te ex­ami­na­ti­on)

  1. 1. Cer­­ti­­fic­a­te

    If you would like to study in Kassel, you need approved eligibility for entry to higher education (school-leaving qualifications to study at a university). Your nationality is irrelevant – your school-leaving qualifications simply need to match the German system.

    1. If your school-leaving qualifications are comparable (and you have an adequate knowledge of German), you will obtain direct eligibility for entry and can start your degree course.
    2. If your school-leaving qualifications are only partly comparable to the German system, you will obtain indirect eligibility for entry. You can then attend the one-year preparatory course before starting your degree. The preparatory course ends with a final examination. If you pass this exam, you can start your degree course.  

    You will find useful information about the requirements for starting a degree course in Germany here:

    1. Entry requirements in Germany (German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD)
    2. Discover more in advance: bachelor’s degrees & state examinations (uni-assist)
  2. 2. Lan­­gua­ge

    • How good does my knowledge of German need to be? I can read about the language certificates that the University of Kassel accepts here: Evidence of a knowledge of German

    The language of tuition for all bachelor’s degree and state examination courses is German. You therefore need to have a good knowledge of German. You have to provide evidence of this by means of a language certificate when applying to study at the university.

  3. 3. De­gree cour­se

    I can obtain information about the entry requirements and the admissions procedure on the degree course website:

    • Do I need any evidence of a knowledge of foreign languages?
    • Do I need to provide evidence of having had prior work experience?
    • Do I have to take an aptitude test before applying?
    • Does the degree course that I wish to take or one of my course subjects have any restricted entry (NC)? 
      • If so, do I have to take part in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure first?

    Restricted entry
    Restricted entry (also known as “NC = numerus clausus”) means that there are only a certain number of university places available for a degree course or subject. We select the applicants according to a set procedure and offer them a place at the university. We describe the procedure in detail here: Restricted entry.

    Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure
    We use the central allocation system provided by the University Admissions Service ( for some degree courses with restricted entry. The procedure is known as “Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure at the University Admissions Service (DoSV)” and it enables applicants to gain access more quickly. The University of Kassel decides how the degree course places are allocated according to the set criteria. The application procedure starts when you register at at the Portal for degree courses with local restricted entry. You can register at any time (even outside our closing dates for applications). You will then receive two numbers by e-mail: 
    your applicant identification number (BID) and your applicant authorisation number (BAN). You will need both numbers to send an application to us.

  4. 4. Clo­s­ing dates

    • I need to obtain information about the closing dates on the degree course website and apply in good time.

    The standard closing date for applications if you have foreign certificates is 15 July for the winter semester and 15 January for the summer semester. These closing dates apply to many degree courses, but not all of them. You will discover on the degree course website which closing dates apply to the course that you are interested in.  

    There are also closing dates for entrance and aptitude tests for some degree courses. You will find these closing dates on the degree course website too.  

    Make your application in good time. This is particularly important if your certificate does not match German school-leaving qualifications and you would like to attend the preparatory course. The number of places is limited and you must apply by 30 April.

  5. 5. uni-as­sist

    • I need to obtain information about the application procedure on the uni-assist website: “How to apply”.

    As a prospective student (including Germans and EU citizens) with foreign eligibility for entry to higher education, you must always apply via uni-assist. uni-assist is the German service centre for international degree course applications and processes international university applications.

  6. 6. Do­cu­ments

    • I must obtain information about the documents that I need on the degree course website.
    • I must check the country information on the uni-assist website: Info country by country.
    • I must read the uni-assist information on official notarisation and certified translations: Certification and translations.
    • I must have the documents translated into German or English.
    • I must obtain officially certified copies of certificates and translations.
    • I must prepare digital copies of the original documents and certificates.  
  7. 7. Mak­ing your ap­­pli­c­a­­ti­on

    • I must open the website at the uni-assist application portal: Apply online
    • I must click on “To the online portal” and “Registration”. After registering, I will receive an activation link by e-mail.
    • I must then complete my application form and upload the documents.
    • I must obtain information about the fees here: uni-assist handling fees and then pay what is due.
    • I must send all the officially notarised copies to uni-assist by post.
    • I will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail. 
  8. 8. Pro­­ce­d­u­re

    • I must wait for the results of the checks performed by uni-assist and send more documents – if necessary.  
    • If I have received
      • direct eligibility for entry from uni-assist, I need to wait for a response from the University of Kassel;
      • indirect eligibility for entry from uni-assist, I must apply for a place on the preparatory course;
      • rejection from uni-assist, my documents will not be forwarded to the University of Kassel. 

    uni-assist checks whether you meet the formal requirements for starting a degree course at the University of Kassel. You will receive the results by e-mail and by post after about 4-6 weeks. If you meet the formal requirements, your data will be forwarded to the University of Kassel.

  9. 9. Ac­cep­t­an­ce and vi­sa

    • I will receive a positive response from the University of Kassel by post and by e-mail.
      • If necessary, I must send some more documents.
    • Do I need a visa? If so, I can make an application at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in my home country using the positive response. I need the positive response from the University of Kassel, evidence of funding for the degree course and proof of having health insurance for my visa application.
    1. Prospective students from EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not usually need an entry visa. An ID card is sufficient to enter Germany.
    2. Prospective students from all other non-EU states need a visa to enter Germany. You should apply for this from the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country or country of residence as early as possible. If your spouse or children will be accompanying you during your stay, we recommend that you make the applications for yourself and your family members at the same time – even if your family wish to enter the country a few weeks later. Detailed information on obtaining a visa
    3. Prospective students from Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and the USA do not need a visa to enter Germany. However, you will need a residence permit to spend more than three months in the country. You can apply for this from the relevant foreigners’ registration office in Germany after entering the country.


    You will find more  information on making preparations in your home country here: Welcome Centre – Preparations in your home country

  10. 10. Tra­vel and ar­­ri­val

    • I must plan my journey to Germany.
    • I must arrange accommodation.
    • I must register with the municipal office.
    • I must open a bank account.
    • I must apply for a residence permit. 

    We provide details of all the things that you need to do here: Welcome Centre – First steps

    Travel to Germany in good time. We recommend that you arrive in Kassel before 1 April if you are starting your degree course in the summer semester and before 1 October if you are starting your course in the winter semester.

  11. 11. En­­rol­­ment

    The student affairs office needs some time to process your enrolment. Your enrolment certificate will then be sent to your German address by post. The enrolment certificate contains important information about paying the semester fees.

  12. 12. Se­mes­ter fees

    • I must pay my semester fees within the deadline.  

    You incur fees for your degree course every semester (contribution to administration costs, student services association, semester ticket, General Students’ Committee (AStA). We inform you about the exact amount, the payment deadlines and the formalities related to the semester fees here: Semester fees

    You should definitely transfer the semester fees to the University of Kassel account within 14 days of receiving your certificate. Otherwise, your enrolment will be cancelled and your place at the university will be given to another prospective student.



  13. 13. Cam­pus­Card

    • I will receive the CampusCard after the University of Kassel has received my semester fees.

    The CampusCard is your student ID for the entire period of your degree course. It is also your semester ticket and has other functions too: it acts as your library pass, culture ticket, payment card in the refectory, copy card etc. You can find more information here: CampusCard

  14. 14. In­­­tro­­duc­t­o­ry cour­se

I do not meet the re­qui­re­ments. What can I do now?

  1. My school-leaving certificate is not enough for a degree course.
    It is then possible to attend the one-year preparatory course at the University of Kassel. The preparatory course prepares prospective students with foreign certificates for a degree course at German universities. The preparation takes place on special courses and is geared towards the degree subject that the prospective students wish to study at the university. You need evidence of having a knowledge of German at B1 level for this. That means at least 400 lessons of German. Students take an examination at the end of the course and this determines whether those attending the preparatory course are suitable for a degree course. Students are enrolled at the University of Kassel during their time on the preparatory course. Important: you must first apply via uni-assist and have received “conditional approval for the preparatory course”. As the places are in very short supply, you must first complete another entry examination. The closing date for applications is 30 April every year. You can read more here: Preparatory course at the University of Kassel.
  2. My knowledge of German is not adequate.
    Once you have evidence of having attended 800 lessons or have B2 level qualifications, you can apply for a preparatory language course. This will qualify you to take the German Language Examination for University Entrance (DSH). You can take the exam once you have attended at least 1,000 lessons or if you have C1 level qualifications – at the University of Kassel too. You will find more information here: DSH examination at the University of Kassel.

Information and ad­vice

Beratungssituation an der Infotheke im Campus CenterImage: Fabian Rüffert/Studio Blafield

Stu­dent En­qui­ries Of­fice

Your first contact point if you have any questions about your degree course is the “Student Enquiries Office"
information desk at the Campus Center, Moritzstrasse 18, level 3.


Student Enquiries Office: Forward