In Germany, all supermarkets and shopping malls are closed on Sundays.



Königsstraße is Kassel's main shopping area. It is divided into Obere Königsstraße and Untere Königsstraße and goes through Friedrichsplatz and Königsplatz. There are a variety of malls, cafés, bakeries and restaurants. In the neighbouring streets you can also find small shops and cozy cafés as well as restaurants offering a unique atmosphere.

Shopping Centres

There are many shopping centres and arcades in Kassel. Please visit the link below for a list.

Market Hall

If you prefer regional treats and homemade products, we recommend the traditional market in the Kassel market hall.

Flea Markets, Swap Meets and Second-hand Stores

For those interested in second-hand goods and bargain hunting, there are many flea markets in Kassel, especially in spring and summer.  The "University Market", situated in Heinrich-Plett-Str. 40, is open the first weekend of every month from 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Christmas Market

Kassel’s fairy tale Christmas Market lets you immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere with lots of traditional foods, drinks, handmade gifts and holiday spirit. It opens every year at the end of November and closes on the 23rd of December.


Many small stores in Witzenhausen are closed at lunchtime and on Wednesday afternoons. You can buy (both organic and non-organic) groceries, for instance, at the following places:

7 Tipps to Grocery Shop in Germany

(c) Project group of the Masterprgramme International Food Business and Consumer Studies: Bernadetha Prisca Rizki, Gabriella Masaki, Izabela Horos, Pamela Alcocer, Ricky Tjuanda, Samrachana Aryal, Shruti Sharma, Renee Hines.