Ak­tu­el­le Sprech­zei­ten

The information desk is open from Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 3pm. You are also welcome to make individual appointments for a personal consultation at any time. Please contact the responsible advisor directly to make an appointment.


Go­ing ab­road

Contact person: Alexa Schubert

When: Do: 13-14 Uhr (offene Sprechstunde) und nach Vereinbarung

Contact: praktikum@uni-kassel.de / 804-3757

Contact person: Moritz Banzhaf

When: Tuesday and Wednesday: 1-2 pm (open office)

Contact: erasmus@uni-kassel.de / 804-2539

Contact person: Alexa Schubert

When:  Do: 13-14 Uhr (offene Sprechstunde) und nach Vereinbarung

Contact: auslandsstudium@uni-kassel.de / 804-3757

Contact person: Sarah Guttenhöfer

When: by arrangement

Contact: guttenhoefer@uni-kassel.de / 804-2215

Com­ing to Kas­sel

Contact person: Berit Hupke

When: by arrangement

Contact: welcome-centre@uni-kassel.de / 804-3277

Contact person: Marlis Fellmann 

When: by arrangement

Contact: marlisfellmann@uni-kassel.de / 804-3075


Contact person: Kristin Gagelmann

When: by arrangement

Contact: gagelmann@uni-kassel.de / 804-2540