Ad­vice on fun­ding and ma­king ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons

Advice on projects and funding related to international programmes or calls for proposals is based at the Department for Internationalisation and International Cooperation at the University of Kassel. We support you as you plan for, apply for and complete programmes, calls for proposals and scholarships with an international orientation.

Before applying

    • Support for identifying suitable calls for proposals

      During the application process

      Advice and support related to:

      • Funding conditions, selection criteria, structure of the application
      • Consultation with the third-party funding provider on details of the proposal call
      • Searching for and involving suitable cooperation partners
      • The structure of the application (project description, funding plan, etc.)
      • The coordination process with the university managers      

      ⇒ If it is necessary to obtain the approval of the university managers, the draft application must be submitted at least 14 days before the application deadline and the final version must reach the department at least ten days before the application deadline.

      During the project

      • Advice on modifications during the course of the project

      At the conclusion of the project

      Advice on:

      • Preparing the final report
      • Opportunities for related projects

      Your con­tact per­sons:

      Constanze Engel
      Telefon +49 561 804-3086
      Telefax +49 561 804-933039


      Filipa Saramago Thiel
      Telefon +49 561 804-1979
      Telefax +49 561 804-933039