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Learning through Cul­tu­ral Edu­ca­ti­on: Ad­di­tio­nal Qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on for stu­dents in teacher trai­ning

Dancing, taking photos or creating plays with children and adolescents – the demand for these skills is rising at schools. A new additional qualification at the university of Kassel named "Cultural Practice at Schools” is focussing on this particularly. It is primarily aimed at students who want to become a teacher. By means of this qualification, students, who are in teacher training at the university of Kassel, can put particular emphasis in their future jobs.

Image: Dominik Scharf.
Students draw in the Neue Galerie

The course consists of four parts. At first, the participants learn the basics of cultural education in an introductory seminar. This is followed by two practical seminars in which the students gain experience either in theatre, music, dance, visual arts, photography or film. The third component is a work placement at a school with a cultural profile, in a cultural institution or in a cooperative project. The participants complete the course with a scientific term paper or an artistic piece of work and a thirty-minute final discussion. After having successfully completed the course, students receive a certificate. The first seminar will begin the following winter.

"The essential requirement for participating is an interest in art, aesthetics and pedagogy," says Prof. Dr. Verena Freytag, Professor of Aesthetic and Physical Education from the Institute for Music, She coordinates the programme. Students of all teaching levels and all subjects can participate. "We plan to offer the programme with a reduced number of hours as additional training for teachers who are already in profession," explains Freytag.


The additional qualification "Cultural Practice at Schools" is supported via the second phase of the PRONET project (professionalising through networking). The Federal Government as well as the states support PRONET as part of the joint project "Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung" (qualitative offensive for teacher training) with funds amounting to over 6 million euros from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The particular aim of PRONET is to link academic, didactic and educational contents, so they complement each other.


The registration deadline for students is 15 September for the winter term and 15 March for the summer term.


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