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Sup­port for di­gi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on

The Executive Board of Kassel University has welcomed the Hessian Digital Pact, which was presented today (April 23, 2020) in a virtual conference. The university will use the additional funds, which amount to millions, to further modernize processes in teaching, research, and administration.

Image: Paavo Blafield.

The pact provides 112 million euros for the digital transformation of Hessen's state universities. The amount of funds for Kassel University has not yet been finally determined. The university will use it, for example, to adapt the processing of research data to the current requirements and to supplement traditional classroom teaching with digital teaching and learning offerings.

"The program of the Hessian state government comes at the right time," praised President Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey the agreement. "Even before the Corona crisis, we had an ambitious roadmap for comprehensive digitization at our university. Once again the current situation demonstrates to everyone the importance of a powerful digital environment. We will also use this time, in which we are converting many familiar processes in research and teaching to digital formats, to gain insights into how we can continue to use the opportunities offered by digital change in a sustainable manner.

Finkeldey added: "Now we are benefiting from the fact that many years ago we established a highly regarded research focus at our scientific center for information technology design ITeG, which deals with the responsible handling of digitization from an interdisciplinary perspective. Digitization will not replace the presence university, because science lives from exchange. But it will noticeably change research and teaching".

Like other universities, Kassel University has started the current lecture period digitally. In order to create the frame conditions, it had purchased several thousand licenses for video content management systems, among other things.

Additional funds are also available for the digitization of the university administration, for example for the introduction of a document management system and fully digitised accounting. "We started digitizing administrative processes some time ago," said Chancellor Dr. Oliver Fromm. "In doing so, we are not simply mapping existing processes one-to-one digitally, but are improving the necessary processes. Ultimately, digitization serves to provide better service for research and teaching".

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