05/15/2020 | News

Di­gi­tal teaching un­til 24 Ju­ly

The lecture period of the summer semester 2020 will be extended by one week until July 24, 2020. The university's executive board decided on this today (Friday) after having consulted with the departments. This means that summer semester consists of 14 weeks as usual, as the start of the lecture period had also been postponed by one week.

The lecture period will be followed by a phase free of teaching units until August 16, 2020, during which examinations will also be dispensed with as far as possible.

Concerning the conducting of examinations, it was agreed with the heads of the departments that these would be possible again in principle from June 8. Requirements with regard to hygiene, maintaining distances and other specifications must be observed. The time until July 24, 2020, is to be used mainly to make up for written exams cancelled in March and April from the final phase of the 2019/20 winter semester. Written examinations of the summer semester 2020 generally are to take place after the above-mentioned phase free of teaching units, i.e. from August 17, 2020.

The departments will inform students of the exact exam dates in good time, i.e. at least three weeks in advance. Students are called upon to inquire regularly, e.g. in the course catalogue and the examination administration system.

As things stand at present, courses in the summer semester 2020 will continue to be held in attendance only in absolutely exceptional cases. Online teaching has priority.

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