12/21/2020 | News

24,607 Stu­dents in the Se­cond Corona Se­mes­ter

In the current winter semester, 24,607 people are enrolled at the Kassel University. This is shown by the final statistics which are now available. This means that, despite the pandemic-related circumstances, the Kassel University has almost as many students as in the previous winter semester (25,103).

Image: Andreas Fischer.

For a long time, the library was open this semester. In the current "hard" lockdown, it too is closed until probably Jan. 10, 2021.

The start of classes had been postponed by three weeks to Nov. 2. To accommodate undecideds in the special situation, the university had accepted enrollments until shortly before the start of the lecture period. This offer was taken up by numerous young people.

This also delayed the establishment of the so-called "cut-off date figures". The figures  shows 4,402 newly admitted students (first-time and new enrollments). This are less than 357 students like in the previous year. 5,101 are in their 1st semester. At 3,263, the number of students with foreign passports is similar to the previous year (3,424).

Almost the same number of students (20,055) as in the last winter semester (20,182) have re-registered (plus 150 leaves of absence) "We take this as a good sign that together we have mastered the difficult conditions of the summer digital semester well," commented University President Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey. "Whether factors such as the relatively poor broadband coverage in northern Hesse had an impact on the number of new enrollments in this Corona year is still being analyzed." Overall, university administrators rate the decline in new enrollments as moderate and expected.

Because of the Corona pandemic, teaching at the Kassel University, as elsewhere, is largely taking place digitally this semester. The "hard" lockdown now imposed means that face-to-face teaching will be suspended entirely until January 10, 2021, and libraries and dining halls will also be temporarily closed.


Sebastian Mense
Kassel University
Press Spokesman
E-mail: presse[at]uni-kassel[dot]de