05/12/2021 | News

Get­ting to know each other de­s­pi­te Corona: stu­dent com­mu­ni­ty ar­ran­ges wal­king fri­endships

University friendships are important for studying. But making them has been difficult since the start of the Corona pandemic. With the project "Date for a Walk", the Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Kassel (ESG) arranges conversation partners for walks, in order to be able to get to know fellow students during the Corona period.

Image: Uni Kassel

The idea is a kind of blind date for new acquaintances. "It's not a date in the classic sense," emphasizes pastor Annika Weisheit. "Rather, we simply want to bring people together who would like to meet new people. Whether it turns into a friendship or just a nice get-together is up to the participants."

If interested, young people can contact ESG. "The starting point is in front of our building at Mönchebergstraße 29," explains Annika Weisheit. "In order not to have to give out any data, we choose a neutral meeting place. This way, no one is forced to give out their contact information to make an appointment." Here, the arranged ones get a small surprise bag. "Already they can go for a walk together and get to know each other. That's also where our involvement ends." 

The idea for the project is not entirely new, explains Annika Weisheit: "Back in February, we wanted to organize the first meetings. With rising incidence values, however, we postponed the start. Now that the situation is slowly improving a bit, we are finally getting started. Studying is not just learning, and young people know many fellow students only as tiles. Everyone suffers from Corona, and so we want to provide some relief."

Meetings are held on Mondays between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. and on Wednesdays between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. "Upon request, we arrange specific times - always every 15 minutes. So we avoid crowds and can offer meetings for many people." Those interested can register by email at: sekretariat.esg-kassel[at]ekkw[dot]de or via Instagram at das.a_team


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