08/12/2021 | News

Cli­mate pro­tec­tion ef­forts at the Kas­sel Uni­versity re­ceive a boost from Hes­sian spe­cial fund

With the 11th aid package from the special fund "Securing Hessen's Good Future", the Hessian state government is supporting universities in their climate protection efforts. The Kassel University also participates significantly.

Image: Andreas Fischer.

Thus, seven new photovoltaic systems with a module output of 430 kW peak power are to be installed on the roofs of the buildings during the funding period, which lasts until December 31, 2023. These systems will then generate approximately 380,000 kWh annually at the site and feed it into the university's power grid.

However, the funding will not only be used to generate renewable electricity on the roofs. The refurbishment of technical systems is another focus of the program. Such measures allow considerable energy efficiency potential to be tapped. At the Kassel University, for example, a ventilation system, six heating circuit distributors and the heat supply system in Witzenhausen at the Nordbahnhofstraße campus are being refurbished. In addition, it is planned that the district heating transfer at the Holländischer Platz campus will be optimized in order to achieve higher energy utilization.

In total, the funding from the special fund for all measures amounts to around 3.18 million euros. These financial resources will subsequently save around 516 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, thus permanently reducing the burden on the climate.


Dirk Schnurr
Energy Efficiency Manager
Building, Technology and Real Estate Department
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34125 Kassel
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