Wissensspeicher - 100 Ideas for the World of Tomorrow

During the documenta summer, the University of Kassel presents the "Wissensspeicher" in downtown Kassel and at many other locations in Kassel – a participatory exhibition with 100 ideas from science and art for a more sustainable future.

The organizing team (from left) Manuela Greipel, Daniel Opper, Kathrin Meckbach in front of the Königsgalerie in Kassel.

From heavy-duty wheels or urban gardens to the electric Corona air filter - more than 100 participants from the university and the art academy will present current projects to touch, experiment with, listen to, and discuss. The exhibition project takes up the leitmotif „Lumbung“ of the current documenta fifteen. This stands for a communally used, traditional rice barn, through which the annual surplus harvest is made available to all residents of a place. "Our exhibition is thus a storehouse of knowledge - it collects and shares findings and innovations from the university with society and makes them accessible to a broad audience," explains Manuela Greipel, who is organizing the project for UniKasselTransfer together with Kathrin Meckbach.

The focus of the project is on the following questions: What can current research contribute to the big challenges of our time and how can we make tomorrow's world more sustainable? How can we live, work, organise housing and do business more sustainably in the future? "To these questions, which are reflected in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we as a university want to offer practical answers and food for thought. From students work and major research projects to startups, we want to show how much diversity and potential the University of Kassel offers," explains Daniel Opper, initiator of the exhibition and head of UniKasselTransfer, the university's central knowledge transfer facility.

"With the Wissensspeicher, we want to create a place of encounter: we invite guests to enter into conversation with the scientists. We have put together a diverse program of events: in addition to lectures and dialogues in the Wissensspeicher, visitors can also experience the projects in a participatory way in walks, guided tours and many other activities at other locations in Kassel - there is a lot to try out and participate in," Kathrin Meckbach tells us. The exhibition and the dialog formats are designed together with "Raamwerk - Studio für Kunst, Sozial und Kommerz" as a cooperation partner, a creative team of designers and cultural workers in Kassel.

The store of knowledge is supported by the Königsgalerie, which is providing a large store space free of charge for the exhibition project, and the Science Park Kassel.

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