Opportunities of Financing for Refugees

Costs of studying

The University of Kassel does not charge any tuition fees, as a matter of principle. However, you have to pay semester fees and they currently amount to EUR 282.47 for the 2017/18 winter semester. These fees also include the semester ticket. The contribution towards the semester ticket can be refunded to students who face financial difficulties because of their social background. You can find a summary of the living expenses in Germany on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

BAföG student loans

It is possible to obtain financial support in line with the Federal Law on Support for Education and Training – known as BAföG – for the DSH course, the preparatory course or subsequent studies at the University of Kassel – in certain circumstances. The maximum financial assistance during the 2017/18 winter semester is EUR 590.00 per month if people are attending courses to prepare them for the university (e.g. DSH course of preparatory courses). Students at the university may receive up to EUR 735.00 per month.

If you have any other questions, please contact our colleagues at the Kassel student services organisation.


Apart from BAföG, scholarships represent an additional way of financing your studies. You will find a number of scholarships for students from abroad here. Have a look at the DAAD’s Scholarship Database too – you may find a suitable scholarship for yourself, depending on your country of origin, student status and faculty.

HessenFonds scholarships for highly qualified students, PhD candidates and academics with a refugee background

The Hessen Ministry for Science and the Arts awards scholarships from the "HessenFonds" for particularly able and gifted students, PhD candidates and academics at any state-run university in Hessen. The scholarship enables people to continue their studies or pursue an academic career at any state-run university in Hessen.

 A HessenFonds scholarship provides the following assistance:

  • Students: EUR 300 per month
  • PhD candidates: EUR 1,150 per month
  • Scientists: EUR 2,000 per month

Please read the announcement provided by the Hessen Ministry of Science and the Arts or discover conditions for eligibility- you can find more information in the pamphlet.

Application Process:

Please send your completed and signed application with all the necessary documents up to 31 January 2018 either by post or electronically to:

Universität Kassel

Studierendensekretariat/ z.H. Frau Berit Hupke
Mönchebergstraße 19
34109 Kassel
E-Mail: berit.hupke@uni-kassel.de

The University of Kassel will review the requirements for financial support and will nominate applicants to the Hessen Ministry for Science and the Arts in the same order as the applications are received.

Application Documents:

Application form for students

Application form for PhD candidates

Application form for academics

 scholarships for refugees from the Hans-Böckler-Foundation

The Hans-Böckler Foundation offers an opportunity for prospective students fleeing war and persecution to apply for a scholarship. The support initially amounts to EUR 300 per month for one year. Interested applicants should not only provide evidence of excellent results at school, but also have been actively involved in society (as a volunteer, politically etc.). Please take note that this scholarship is only designed for people with a refugee background. Those who have entered Germany on a student visa are not entitled to apply for this scholarship. The next application deadline is 31 October 2017. You can find more detailed information about the application process at: www.boeckler.de/107463.htm

Scholarships from the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation

The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation supports gifted international students during their bachelor’s degree course with up to EUR 650 per month and as much as EUR 750 per month for a master’s degree course. Candidates must have an excellent knowledge of German. The deadline for applications for the winter semester is 31 October 2017 and for summer semester 30 April 2018. Please apply directly to the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation online. Please read the information on the special features of the scholarship, the conditions and the application procedure at the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation’s website carefully before you submit your application.

Sholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll foundation supports students with a refugee background and with a high level of social engagement. The deadline for applications for the winter semester is 01 March for winter semester and 01 September for summer semester. Please apply directly to the Heinrich Böll foundation with your completed set of documents.