New Year's Celebration 2016

The International New Year's Celebration 2016 – A colourful beginning of the new year!

600 students, lecturers and employees from over 70 different countries chased the International New Year's Celebrations invitation from the University of Kassel’s Welcome Centre, now twice in a row to the one-of-a-kind “Weinkirche”.

01.NYF 2016 DAAD-Preis / © Sascha Mannel

02.NYF 2016 Schneewittchen Tutoren / © Felipe Negrini

03.NYF 2016 Schneewittchen / © Sascha Mannel

04.NYF 2016 Pierrick / © Sascha Mannel

05.NYF 2016 Giacomo / © Sascha Mannel

06.NYF 2016 Amantia Matheus / © Sascha Mannel

061.NYF 2016 Carlos Tiao / © Sascha Mannel

062.NYF 2016 Lukas / © Sascha Mannel

07.NYF 2016 Gunnar / © Sascha Mannel

08.NYF 2016 Asad / © Sascha Mannel

09.NYF 2016 syrische Gaeste / © Felipe Negrini

10.NYF 2016 Anastasia / © Sascha Mannel

11.NYF 2016 Valentina Olga Anastasia Beata / © Felipe Negrini

12.NYF 2016 Valentina Olga Anastasia Beata / © Felipe Negrini

13.NYF 2016 Victor / © Felipe Negrini

14.NYF 2016 International Band / © Felipe Negrini

15.NYF 2016 International Band / © Felipe Negrini

16.NYF 2016 Amantia / © Sascha Mannel

17.NYF 2016 Gaeste / © Sascha Mannel

16.NYF 2016 Party / © Sascha Mannel

The grand opening of the celebration began with the speech from the university's Canceler Dr. Oliver Fromm, who at the end of his speech had passed on the DAAD-Awards 2015 bestowment to Mr. Habeb Astour, a doctorate from the civil and environmental engineers faculty. Mr. Astour was highly recommend from his advisor Professor Dr. Volkhard Franz for his particular social and intercultural engagement and outstanding academic performance.

Our college Jesús Pineda from Venezuela led us through the wonderful intercultural programm, which began with a humourful interpretation of the Brother Grimm’s “Snow White and the 7 dwarfs” performed by the tutors of the Welcome Centre and the Campus Club. The rest of the evening was filled with a wide variety of entertainment, including singing, bands and dancing from all over the world. Students from Canada, Tunisian, Brazil, Lebanon, France, Italy, Albania, Syria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria and of course Germany gave of us an impressive look into their cultural differences and upbringings. Like previous years there was an impressive exhibition of artwork from students of the School of Fine Arts and Design Kassel.

Following the initial performances came the “International Band of the University of Kassel” whereby they not only did an amazing performance, but did it for the first time together as a single group on the stage!

After their 8 song act they passed along the torch to DJ Einaudi Spychalski who spent the rest of the evening until the early morning laying down the fattest of international beats the dancing guests could handle.

Highlights of the evening were recorded from Mr Jörg Kempe of the Kassler Sparkasse. Mr. Kempe not only organized the filming, but also coveted photo corner run by the photographer Sascha Mannel. The corner was filled the entire night with happy faces. The video and the photos have been uploaded for everyone to see at

The Welcome Centre would like to thank all of the participants and guests for an unforgettable night and wishes everyone an exciting and successful new year 2016!

Daniel Kater, 02-02-2016

Translated by Kyle Kenney

© Felipe Negrini