Health Care

General Information

Emergency numbers

  • Emergency doctor/ambulance/fire service: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Poison emergency centre in Mainz: +49 6131 19 240
  • Kassel Clinic: +49 561 980-0
  • Ambulance: +49 561 19219
  • Emergency dental service: +49 561 709 86 21
  • Paediatric emergency services: +49 561 980-5500

Who can help with medical problems?

Germany allows people to choose doctors and medical care. However, we recommend that you have a family doctor. If you are ill, need a medical check-up or a vaccination, your family doctor knows your medical history and can also refer you to a hospital or specialist or prescribe specialist treatment. Family doctors are usually general practitioners; there are specialist paediatricians for children.

Persons insured by a state-mandated health scheme do not have to pay for most health services in advance. The insurance scheme directly reimburses doctors’ practices. Persons insured by a private insurance company must immediately pay for all health services. Afterwards, it is necessary to apply for reimbursement from the private health insurance company or as stipulated by the policy.

A list of doctors can be found in the Kassel yellow pages or the med-kolleg. If you are looking for a specialist who can speak your language, check the Kasseler Gesundheitswegweiser für Zugewanderte.

If you should need to visit a doctor outside of normal surgery hours or at the weekend, please refer to Allgemeinärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst (GP emergency service)

Source: Kassel Region Health Office

In-patient care in hospitals

If you do not have a referral from your local doctor, the only people admitted to hospital are normally emergency cases. If they have a serious, acute illness, patients have the right to complete the course of their treatment in a hospital in Germany. 

On the website of the city of Witzenhausen you find an overview of local doctors, alternative practitioners and pharmacies.

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