Public transport

A network of buses, trains and trams enables anyone to move around town without relying on their own car. After paying their semester fees, all students at the University of Kassel receive a student ticket. This enables them to use public transport within the area of validity, which is the so-called Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund (click here to see the area of validity), free of charge.

In Kassel

Kassel’s public transportation network consists of a city tram, a regional tram and a bus system. A Customer Service Centre is located in the Königsgalerie at Mauerstraße. Ticket information and a timetable of trams and buses are available at tram/bus stops or on the Kasseler Vehrkehrs-Gesellschaft (KVG) website.

In Witzenhausen

In Witzenhausen there are two bus lines (StadtBus) operated by the Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund (NVV). In addition, Witzenhausen has its own train station, which is part of Kassel - Göttingen railway track.

What is more, students of International Food Business and Consumer Studies can purchase the "Fulda semester ticket" for €95, which allows them to use public transportation in the whole of Hesse.

Students of Sustainable International Agriculture who are enroled at the University of Göttingen are equipped with the "Göttingen semester ticket" by means of which they can use local public transportation in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and the CANTUS-Bahn. They cannot, however, freely use trams in Kassel nor busses in Witzenhausen or Göttingen.


Due to the lack of available free parking space in Kassel, it is not particularly practical to own a car. The easiest and most convenient means of transport when living in the city is a bicycle. In addition to the practical aspect, there are also a lot of nice places to visit in the surrounding area at weekends. Buying a second-hand bike that can be re-sold when you leave Germany is a good option. There are several good shops in Kassel that offer new and second-hand bikes (see below).  You can also look at flea markets or advertisements on community notice boards (like the one in the main library).

In Kassel

  • Fahrradhof,  Wilhelmshöher Allee 261, Kassel,
    +49 561 313083
  • Radhaus Neddermann, Leipziger Straße 208, Kassel,
    +49 561 16965
  • Edelmann-Bike,Goethestraße 37, Kassel,
    +49 561 17769
  • Tom's , Wilhelmshöher Allee 132, Kassel,
    +49 561 25082

In Witzenhausen

[Translate to englisch:] Rad-Geber, Bernd Kummer & Torsten Becker, Hinter dem Deich 1, Witzenhausen,
+49 5542 73184


Taxis in Kassel are mostly available at designated places such as railway stations and hotels. They can also be booked by phone from various service providers.

In Kassel

Call +49 561 88 111 for the central taxi dispatch centre. Telephone numbers and further information can be found below:

Taxibüro Mitte
Taxi Christine Schneider
Taxi Call Center Kassel GmbH


+49 561 779898

+49 561 21957

+49 561 5601445

+49 561 7700

"Minicars" are similar to taxis, but usually cost much less and may provide an alternative option. Usually 1 €/km is charged in addition to €2,50 lump sum per journey.

Minicar-City car GmbH

Minicar 24 Yellowcar 24 freecall Center


+49 561 811081

+49 561 9536801

+49 800 66 60066

In Witzenhausen

Taxi-Caglar Fulya

+49 5542 4555

Travelling within Germany

It usually makes sense to travel by car, coach or train for longer distances within Germany and there are some cheap alternatives to the regular prices (i.e. car-pooling or a railcard). In some cases, taking a plane may also be an option.

'Deutsche Bahn' makes available “state tickets” (Länderkarten) where a group of up to 5 people can travel within the entire state for a full day. Please see the  Deutsche Bahns offers.

Book a Hessenticket immediately.

Please visit the following links for examples of different service providers:

In addition to these offers, there is "GoEuro", a travel search engine that compares the time, travel distance and costs for your trip within and outside Germany.

Driving a Car

If you want to drive in Germany, you need a driving licence. Driving licences from EU countries or EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) are valid in Germany without any restrictions. You can also drive in Germany with an international driving licence. Driving licences from non-European countries (accompanied by an official German translation) lose their validity six months after you arrive in Germany. After this, you have to apply for a German driving licence. Depending upon your home country, you may have to retake the driving test (theoretical and/or practical sections). You should apply to transfer your driving licence as soon as possible (three months before the date of expiry at the latest).

If you plan to drive in Germany, please consult the relevant authorities in your home country for any specific issues related to transferring your current driving licence.

Führerscheinstelle im Bürgeramt

Address Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 31
34117 Kassel
Telephone +49 561 787-3204
Telefax +49 561 787-3055

Ride with someone or Give someone a Ride?

The University of Kassel has its own group at the flinc ride sharing network, both students and employees can join it. Ride offers and requests are displayed in real time on your smart phone or computer, so that both regular and spontaneous carpooling is possible. Sufficient supply and demand within the group is necessary to make it work properly. Travelling costs are usually shared among the passengers

Creating your own account with flinc will help set up a larger ride sharing network to benefit more people. Check the flinc website for different apps.