Senior Advisor Programme

The Programme

The Senior Advisor programme supports international and PhD students. Mentors are able to pass on career and professional experience to people interested in intercultural exchange within the city and region. The advisors participating in the scheme come from different professional backgrounds so as to mirror the broad spectrum of experience that is available in the labour market today. The current stage of planning in this project is to have a main pool of senior advisors, develop corresponding procedures to match the students with appropriate advisors and have accompanying events where the advisors and students initiate contact; it is also necessary to guarantee the quality of the programme. 

General duties of a senior advisor:

  • Supporting and helping students to develop professionally and socially and resolving their problems
  • Giving students a glimpse of a professional person’s working environment
  • Advising students about their situation in their working life
  • Creating a sense of professional confidence and planning the first steps
  • Evaluating the Senior Advisor programme

You like to serve as a senior advisor

Are you interested in becoming a senior advisor and are already professionally qualified, ready to share experiences with international students and are willing to support the students transition into the German labour market?

Registration for Senior Advisors

You are an international student at the BA, MA or doctoral level at the University of Kassel

Are you an international student or already an alumnus of the University of Kassel and would like the help of a professional experienced person from your department who will help you with the transition from university studies to a career? This entails a small introduction into everyday working life and other information that the advisor can provide in order to provide professional support in Germany.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact :

Dorothea Neubert
Senior Advisor Programm
Telephone +49 561 804-2213
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This project is financed by funds of the European Sozialfonds and funds of the state of Hesse.