Private Rentals

Short term furnished accommodation

If you have not managed to rent any accommodation at the beginning of your stay, it is possible to make a reservation in a hostel, hotel or via couch surfing. Check out the following websites:

      If you prefer living in your own apartment or sharing a flat with others ("Wohngemeinschaft", WG), you have the following options:

      • You can also hire an estate agent. If you do, please note that an agent usually charges broker fees. This might pay off, if you have particular requirements, for example, regarding the location or furniture. Use the following two websites for these kinds of offers:

      There are also specific websites for Witzenhausen:

      Small ads and notice boards

      Tip: The student housing market in Kassel is often a very last-minute affair. There are usually a large number of advertisements and offers for flats and rooms on the university notice boards (for example, in the foyer of the library on Holländischer Platz); they also indicate the date when you could move in.