AStA Units and Autonomous Units

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Difference AStA-Referate and Autonomous Referate

Typically, the AStA is made up of a board consisting of one or more people who are responsible for representing and coordinating the AStA. In addition, there are various departments that are headed by students and focus on specific subject areas or groups of students.

Autonomous departments are organizationally associated with the AStA. They have greater autonomy and can make independent decisions. Autonomous departments often have a political orientation and advocate for certain social issues and the interests of marginalized students. Examples of this are the Flinta* Referat, which campaigns for the rights of Flinta* students. The Queer* Referat, which campaigns for the interests of queer students.

AStA Units

Department for student representatives

Department of Finance

Department of Culture

Department for Mobility, Infrastructure

Department for Political Education

Department for Public Relations & Digitales

Department for Social Affairs and Anti-Discrimination

Autonomous units

Autonomous Queer* Unit

Autonomous FLINTA* Unit

Autonomous Parents Unit

Autonomous BIPoC Unit