List 4: Green University Group - ecological. queerfeminist. antifascist.

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ecological. queerfeminist. antifascist.

In the Green University Group, students are committed to sustainable, social and inclusive university policy.
We are committed to a progressive, strong and self-governing student body in all committees.
We want to continue to support important student projects such as the campus garden, the Repair Café and the dye works.

ecological. queerfeminist. antifascist.: e-mail


  1. Adam, Martha
  2. Schäfer, Lars
  3. Müller, Sina
  4. Scherbaum, Michel Bastian
  5. Vullriede, Gesa Alena
  6. Gerlach, Malte
  7. Ehlers, Sebastian
  8. Paulzen, Charlotte
  9. Katzenmeier, Moritz Maximilian
  10. Rumpel, Edda Sarina
  11. Iqbal, Asad
  12. Mirtes, Lena Tjorven
  13. Krayer, Leonard
  14. Sperl, Natalie
  15. Küpper, Max
  16. Paetz, Otis
  17. Söylemez, Melda
  18. Grande, Nicolas

Responsible for the list: Malte Gerlach