List 5: KUS - Kassel's independent students

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We are independent and stand up for the students of the University of Kassel.
Our goal is to preserve the culture and life on campus and to maintain a service-oriented university.

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  1. Joy, Louis
  2. Wirtz, Christian
  3. Müller, Atila Alex
  4. Moreau, Antoine
  5. Mbiyavanga, Dorkas
  6. Matouk, Omar
  7. Murati, Besarta
  8. Gleim, Henrik
  9. Schreiner, Julia
  10. Wegmann, Paul Lewin
  11. Görtz, Carla
  12. Kret, Havin
  13. Varajic, Sejla
  14. Haidary, Moazameh

Responsible for the list: Louis Freude