Co­ope­ra­ti­on with Work­shop Pro­vi­ders

Co­ope­ra­ti­on With Other Work­shop Pro­vi­ders

Dozens of workshops are offered for students each semester at the University of Kassel. These workshops are for students of diverse fields and are to assist them in improving their professional and interpersonal skills through further qualification and the development of soft skills.

In order to make sure that the workshops provided synergize well with one another, the Career Service has made it their task to keep in regular contact and to exchange ideas with various external partners. Through their shared communication, various workshops are offered each semester. Once per semester, a workshop expo takes place on the main campus at the Holländischer Platz.

Our partners for this event include:


An overview for all workshops being offered at the university can be found on the eCampus site.

To log into the eCampus site, use your university account and password and then add the portlet workshop database found unter the portlet section.