Vir­tu­al Events

Appointments: The events take place according to demand. After registering, we will notify you as soon as a new appointment is set. If there is no available date within three weeks, we will also inform you.

Process: Each seminar begins with a short thematic introduction. Afterward, it is about your questions and topics that, in our experience, the most important.

Duration: We expect about 30-60 minutes for each appointment. The length varies depending on the number of participants. We are happy to take more time to answer your questions.

Cur­rent ser­vice of­fers

Appropriate search strategies are not trivial but an essential factor in finding your way in an increasingly complex work life.

  • Are you looking for a job across Germany, but are not yet sure in which area?
  • Do you have rough ideas about a particular area (e.g., publisher, NGO, "Something with counseling" or "Something with media"), but cannot find suitable offers?
  • Do you hardly find any potential employers in your search?
  • Would you like to stay in Kassel and are looking for something here in the region?

As part of the webinar, we respond to your wishes and present specific search strategies.


The application is the first step to the job. In this webinar, we work out practical exercises:

  • How to create a successful application
  • Tips & tricks for designing your cover letter and CV
  • What employers find particularly important in the selection process


The application was successful, and you have an interview. Now you "only" have to pull it through successfully.

  • Components of an ideal preparation
  • Typical process
  • Frequently asked questions and their meanings
  • Trick/ central questions
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Salary negotiation

Each specialty and job are different. We go into your situation and work with various examples.


The first contact leaves a lasting impression and is decisive for further opportunities. When contacting companies and institutions for the first time, it is essential to demonstrate interest and motivation. In this webinar, we cover:

  • Building networks and relationships
  • Presence at trade fairs
  • First contact via email or phone


Almost all study programs include mandatory internships, but voluntary internships are also recommended. The examination regulations primarily deal with formalities, such as recognition. A high-quality internship should be more than an exam and prepare you for your professional career path.

We support you with the following questions:

  • I am studying a subject that is not related to specific professions. What kind of internship is right for me?
  • I want to do an internship in a specific place, what is the best way to find it?
  • There are only a few vacancies for internships in my desired area. How can I still get an internship?

We are also happy to answer other questions. Still, it may be worth visiting other webinars or our open consultation in the Campus Center.



The requirements for participation are the same as for normal events. This means that students, graduates, doctoral candidates and employees of the University of Kassel can participate.


  1. PC/ Mac/ Smartphone (Android oder iOS)
  2. Connection to Internet (do not have to be the WLAN of Uni Kassel)
  3. This free Software (Download here)
  4. Speaker or ideally headphones

Please click to this Link to install the Software. We have instructions for Windows / macOS, iOS and Android.


Write us an email to career[at]uni-kassel[dot]de. If you have problems before the webinar starts, you can call 0561/804 3263. If problems arise during the Virtual Event, you can use the chatbox.


Yes! Usually our webinars consist only of a small part of general information, most of the time we answer the questions you asked.


No, a synonym is good enough.