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You have questions? We give answers!

Every day, we receive many questions about the topics of choosing a major, application, study organization and formalities. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions in topic blocks here . Perhaps your question is also included.

Please note that our FAQs refer exclusively to undergraduate (e.g. Bachelor) and not to graduate (e.g. Master) programs. Inquiries from persons with foreign educational qualifications are also not answered here.

Application and enrollment

As a rule, the application for undergraduate degree programs with restricted admission is paperless. In special and individual cases (e.g. hardship cases), an application form and additional documents must be submitted. You can find out what applies to you from your form, which is created as a pdf document in eCampus: If it says "Only for your documents" on the first page, nothing else needs to be submitted. In the case of admission and acceptance, we require additional documents and evidence for enrollment.

Please refer to your enrollment application to find out which documents and proofs you have to submit.

Why can't I apply online?

Please note the different application and enrollment deadlines, which you can find on the respective study program page. The online process is not optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, please do not go through the application or enrollment process with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but on a PC and use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. 

I have lost my login data.

In the mail you received, with which you completed your registration, you will be informed of your username. You can find it in the Username line. Usually, your email address is your user IDAlso try to change your password using the "Forgot password" function.

I have made a mistake in my information.

You can still edit the application until you submit it. If you notice errors after you have submitted your application or enrollment request, email studieren[at]uni-kassel[dot]de with the applicant number in the subject line, "Correct application information [Applicant No. Xxxxx]" and include the information that needs to be changed.

Tip: These explainer videos explain some areas of eCampus in detail.

Feedback on the status of the application can only be given once the application documents have been checked by uni-assist, the fees have been paid and feedback on the forwarding to the University of Kassel has been received. 

Please  understand that it takes some time to process all incoming inquiries and applications.

In order to receive information by telephone, please use the telephone consultation hours of the Information Office for Studies from Monday to Friday,  between 10 a.m. and noon.

As a rule, all certificates must be submitted as certified copies. The copy of the identity card and the proof of health insurance do not have to be certified.
Please note the comments in the application portal on documents to be submitted. At the following link you can find out where  you can have your have your documents have your documents certified.

Please note that the University of Kassel is only authorized to officially certify university-owned certificates (Urkunden). For responsibilities and office hours, please also refer to the link.

The school individual grade influences your procedure grade. Information on the second selection criterion can be found here: Selection Criteria

You can select any grade from the drop-down menu of school subjects with subject affinity. Note that grades from honors courses are weighted more heavily. You can calculate which grade is best to enter in order to achieve a best possible procedural grade in the grade calculator at http://notenrechner.uni-kassel.de/ .

With the Fachhochschulreife you have the university entrance qualification for all universities of applied sciences in Germany. At the University of Kassel, according to the Hessian Higher Education Act, the Fachhochschulreife also counts as a university entrance qualification for tiered degree programs - for example, degree programs leading to a Bachelor's degree. 

While the teacher training programs at the University of Kassel that end with a bachelor's degree (business and vocational education) can be studied with a university entrance qualification, the teacher training programs that end with a state examination (elementary school, Hauptschule and Realschule, Gymnasium) require the Abitur, subject-specific university entrance qualification or an equivalent qualification. The Fachhochschulreife is not sufficient as a prerequisite for admission. Further information can also be found at the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art

A degree in an undergraduate bachelor's program, on the other hand, allows access to teacher training as a second degree applicant, but also carries risks that you should inform yourself about in advance.

If you would like advice on your study options, you can make an appointment by telephone with the General Student Advisory Service.

No distinction is made between a general qualification for admission and a qualification for admission to a university of applied sciences.

Only in the case of study programs with further selection criteria can differences arise in the calculation of the procedural grade with the inclusion of an individual school grade, since a grade in an advanced course is weighted more heavily.

You can check whether this applies to your study application in the grade calculator .

♦ Further information on the selection procedure

Yes, you can apply for up to three restricted-admission programs and enroll in up to three open-admission programs.

You will be offered a place on a degree course with open ad missions, provided you meet all the enrollment and admission requirements and enroll on time and in the correct form. 
We are unable to provide any information on the chances of admission to degree programs with restricted ad missions. No statement can be made in advance about the numerus clausus (NC).

Admissions are expected to be announced in mid-August (for the winter semester) and early March (for the summer semester). You can then view the admission in your applicant overview in eCampus. Once admitted, you must accept it by the stated deadline. If you do not accept it within the deadline, the admission will automatically expire.

There may be further admissions in our backlog procedures if applicants do not accept their places.

Rejection notices will only be sent out after the move-up procedure.

You can enroll directly in open-admission programs. After you have submitted your documentscompletely and on timeand paid the semester fee in full on time (please refer to your enrollment application for the documents to be submitted and the amount of the semester fee), you will receive your student documents by mail after a processing time of up to 4 weeks.

If you would like to accept admission to a restricted-admission program or study an open-admission program, enroll. You will find the documents to be submitted in the application for enrollment.

Change of subject

You apply for a change of study program within the application and enrollment period in eCampus.

To do this, log in at www.ecampus.uni-kassel.de with your UniAccount (uk number and corresponding password) and select Studienservice / Studienbewerbung / Add application.

If your desired degree program is an open-admission program, you can apply for a transfer in eCampus. This should produce an application as a pdf document, which must be signed and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

If your desired degree program is a restricted-admission program, apply in eCampus and wait for admission. 

You may be able to have credits from your previous studies credited to the new program. To do so, contact the examination office of the desired degree program: List of all examination offices.

With this request, please contact the responsible examination office  of your intended degree program(list of all examination offices). You submit your previous achievements to the responsible examination office. You will then be issued a letter of credit with a classification in a higher semester. You can use this letter to apply for a higher semester or to be placed in a higher semester at a later date. To do this, submit the letter to the Registrar's Office.

Please note that the application and enrollment deadlines must also be met when applying for a higher semester.

Feedback and formalities

You can change your address online at www.ecampus.uni-kassel.de or send an e-mail to studieren[at]uni-kassel[dot]de with your matriculation number. This will then immediately change your address at the Student Secretariat.

Please note that you have to inform other institutions such as the BAFöG office and the library separately about your new address.

Feedback information: Feedback

Whether the semester fee has been received and the re-registration has been completed can be viewed, after approx. seven days from the transfer date, at www.ecampus.uni-kassel.de under "My Studies" ->  "Student Services" -> "My Status" and "Payments". Please log in with your university account (uk number) for this purpose. Late re-registration within a grace period is also still possible by paying a late fee (30 €). After re-registration, the CampusCard can be validated at the vending machine.

After you have transferred the semester fee, it takes three to five days until it is booked at the university and becomes visible. Please check your transfer and check whether  recipient, reason for payment and amount are correct and then check at ecampus.uni-kassel.de ⇒ Studienservice ⇒ Zahlungen whether this has already been booked at the university. 

Please log in with your university account (uk number).

As a rule, the semester fee can still be correctly assigned with us. However, this may take longer under certain circumstances. Please wait about a week and then check under ecampus.uni-kassel.de ⇒ Studienservice ⇒ Zahlungen whether you have been correctly confirmed.

Please log in with your university account (uk number).

To retrieve the certificates, log in to eCampus with your Uniaccount, navigate to My Studies ⇒ Study Services and click on the Certificates tab.

As a security feature, the documents are equipped with a verification code. This code can be entered by any recipient of the document on a page in eCampus, whereupon the original document will be issued. Electronic certificates from eCampus have the same validity as paper-based certificates previously picked up at the Registrar's Office or affixed to student records.