Application and study guide for international students

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Do you already know our website for international students? Here you will find all important information at a glance.

Overview: Wissenswertes für internationale Studierende
  1. 1.Application


    • I inform myself about the application procedure on the uni-assist website: "Apply".
    • I watch the webinars on the application procedure via uni-assist, if applicable.

    As a prospective student (also Germans, as well as EU citizens) with a first professional qualification from abroad, you must always apply via uni-assist . uni-assist is the German service point for international student applications and processes international student applications. 

    Uploading your documents in the uni-assist portal is the first step. The application is only complete when you transfer the application fee afterwards.

    The application process is completely online. Please do not send any documents by mail to uni-assist. 

  2. 2.Application


    • I inform myself about the required documents on the study program page.
    • I check the country information on the uni-assist website: Country information. 
    • I read the uni-assist notes on the sworn translations: Notarizations and translations.
    • I have my documents to be submitted translated into German or English.
    • I create digital copies of the original documents and certificates. 
  3. 3.Application

    • I use a desktop PC or a laptop.
    • I open the website of the uni-assist application portal: Apply online.
    • I click on "To the online portal" and"Registration". After registration, I receive an activation link by e-mail at .
    • I then fill out the application form and upload the documents. 
    • I inform myself about the fees here: Processing fees uni-assist and pay the amount.  
    • I receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. 

    The online application forms are complex and cannot be completed with a smartphone. Take some time and use a laptop or a PC. 

  4. 4.Application


    • I am waiting for the test result from uni-assist and will submit additional documents if necessary.

    uni-assist checks whether you meet the formal requirements for admission to the University of Kassel. You will receive the result after approx. 4-6 weeks by e-mail and by post. If the formal requirements are met, your data will be forwarded to the University of Kassel. 

    If you do not meet the formal requirements for admission, your documents will not be forwarded to the University of Kassel.

    Procedure when the documents are received by the University of Kassel

    The application is first formally checked: Have all documents been submitted? Are the formal requirements met?

    If it is discovered during the procedure that documents are missing, applicants will be informed of this by e-mail. The e-mail will state the deadline for submission.

    Depending on the course of study, it can take up to six weeks until you receive the result. Please refrain from asking questions during this time.

  5. 5.Commitment

    • I will receive a positive notification by e-mail   from the University of Kassel.
      • If necessary, I still have to submit documents.
  6. 6.Visa

    As a rule, you need a visa to enter Germany and a residence permit for your further stay. Information on this can be found, among other places, on the website of the German government: Visum zum Studieren.

    As soon as you have been admitted by the University of Kassel, you can apply for a visa at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country or country of residence. To apply for a visa, you will need the admission letter from the University of Kassel, proof of study funding, and proof of health insurance. Information from the University of Kassel on visas can be found here: Visa, Entry and Residence Issues.

  7. 7.Study start

    You can find the introduction dates for the summer semester in February and for the winter semester in August here: Introduction Dates.

    In addition, the Welcome Centre offers a Welcome Week for international students: Welcome Week for International Students.

    An overview of the general semester times can be found here: Semester and course times