Training as a management assistant for dialog marketing

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What does a management assistant for dialog marketing do during training at the University of Kassel?

Personal conversations

Dialog marketing is about serving, advising or even winning customers. This is done through personal conversations, which usually take place on the phone or by e-mail. At the University of Kassel, there are various areas in which one has telephone or written contact with different people and characters. This could be, for example, a student who has questions about applying for a degree program, a staff member who needs help setting up Outlook, or a visitor who reports that an electrical outlet is not working. Every call or email you receive can contain a surprise - so it's never boring. The needs of the clientele are always at the forefront.

Use information and communication systems

In order to be able to process concerns, a variety of information sources are available at the University of Kassel. These include information on our website, customer databases and document management systems. As a management assistant for dialog marketing, you can apply information in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, maintaining the information, for example checking or correcting content, is also an important part of your job. You must pay particular attention to data protection and data security, as not all information may be passed on over the phone.


Working together as a team is an important component for dialog marketing clerks. Different communication channels are used to ensure trouble-free communication. Information must be passed on to all those involved in an appropriate form. Regular meetings must be prepared, held and followed up on.

Select, instruct and train personnel

Student assistants work in many areas of the University of Kassel. As a management assistant for dialog marketing, you will support the selection and subsequent training of student assistants. The creation of duty rosters is also part of your training.

Quality management

The (initial) contact with the customer base often takes place through you as a salesperson for dialog marketing. That's why quality management is a key issue for you. Information provided on the phone or by e-mail must be checked for accuracy and completeness. A confident and competent manner is a prerequisite here. All processes must be reviewed regularly and optimized if necessary. Training student assistants is also part of your training.

When does the training as a management assistant for dialog marketing start at the University of Kassel and where does it take place?

The training usually starts on 01.08. of a year and takes place at the location Holländischer Platz of the University of Kassel in the following areas or departments:

  • IT Service Center
  • Department of Construction, Technology and Real Estate
  • University Library
  • Department of Studies and Teaching

  • The responsible vocational school is the Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule in Kassel.

    Interview with Zilan, a trainee in dialog marketing at the University of Kassel

    What do you deal with in your training?
    In my training, I deal with customer care. This includes students, employees and even external people. I handle incoming phone calls and create/edit tickets in the ticket system. Here it is important to keep the customer dialog consistent. To a large extent, I help users solve technical problems on the phone. In addition, I add information obtained in Sharepoint and assist in the supervision of student assistants.

    Portrait photo
    Zilan in conversation

    Why did you decide on an apprenticeship and this one in particular?
    I always wanted to do an apprenticeship in the commercial field. Since I wanted to work primarily in marketing and as part of a team, training as a businesswoman for dialog marketing was best for me. In addition, this profession is future-oriented and you can continue your education.

    What would you like to pass on to others?
    This job is not just about making phone calls and dealing with e-mails. It's about communicating empathetically with users and actively listening. You learn what teamwork really means. This profession is not only for women, but men are also welcome. From my side, I can honestly say that the training profession as a management assistant for dialog marketing is interesting, varied and fun.

    Application period

    Unfortunately, the current application deadline has passed.

    Ask yourself beforehand whether ...

    • customers are not just a number on the display for you, but valuable conversation partners.
    • your German is so good that you can't be fooled in terms of grammar and expression.
    • you recognize and fulfill wishes quickly.

    Or whether ...

    • you prefer to send an e-mail instead of making a phone call.
    • you don't always keep your cool and have problems remaining professional.
    • you buckle quickly and can't convince people of anything.