Apprenticeship as a sports and fitness management assistant

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A man on sports training equipment, a trainer looks on.
At UNIfit, fitness studio of the University of Kassel

What does a Sports and Fitness Management Assistant do at the University of Kassel?

Organize sports operation

Whether it's registering new university sports participants, organizing university sports offerings, planning investments such as the purchase of new sports or fitness equipment - these are the kinds of organizational or business management activities that come to trained sports and fitness administrators. They calculate the costs and revenues of fitness offerings and prepare financing plans.

Develop and lead fitness courses

The development of new concepts for sports programs and their independent implementation are also on the agenda. In addition, graduates themselves give courses in a wide variety of sports and fitness areas, such as abdominal-leg buttocks, jumping or Zumba. In small or larger groups, but also in individual one-on-one training, the demonstration and instruction of exercises takes place.

Organize sporting events and events

Events and sports events such as "Uni in Bewegung", the sports and health day of the University of Kassel, or a rowing regatta are also organized by sports and fitness administrators. This includes tasks such as designing the event, calculating costs, as well as the actual implementation of the event.

Design training plans

One of the most important tasks of sports and fitness clerks is to carry out individual entrance checks in the fitness studio "UNIfit". Based on this, appropriate training plans are developed for the clientele and individually tailored to the needs of each person. This is followed by explanations and instruction on the fitness equipment.

Plan marketing actions

The job profile also includes developing and planning marketing campaigns, calculating the associated costs, and working with the media. In addition, the target group of the General University Sports is determined and corresponding member recruitment campaigns are carried out.

Operate and maintain sports equipment

Sports equipment such as cross trainers, treadmills or training benches are not always intuitive to use. Sports and fitness administrators show customers what to look out for when using fitness equipment. They also acquire knowledge about the care and maintenance of sports equipment and devices in order to be able to check whether the equipment is still working properly.


Another important task in the everyday work of sports and fitness clerks is the calculation of fees and contributions. In addition, they are involved in payment transactions and dunning and assist in carrying out inventories. They evaluate operational key figures, prepare statistics and contribute to the preparation of the annual financial statements.

When does the training as a sports and fitness merchant start at the University of Kassel and where does it take place?

The training starts on 01.09. of a year and takes place in the General University Sport of the Institute for Sport and Sport Science of the University of Kassel. The General University Sport is located at the Damaschkestraße site, directly at the Aueparkhalle.
Vocational training takes place at the Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule in Kassel.

At the time you start your training, you should have an intermediate school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss). Good grades in German, English, mathematics and sports are also desirable.

The working hours are usually based on the opening hours of the fitness studio and the general university sports. This means that in exceptional cases you may have to work evenings or weekends.

The training program for sports and fitness management assistants has a dual structure. It lasts three years. The trainees work on the one hand in the administration of the General University Sports Department and on the other hand in the university's own fitness studio "UNIfit", where they gain practical experience right from the start.

Theory is taught at the vocational school on certain days of the week. The vocational school is the Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule in Kassel.

During the theory phase at vocational school, trainees to become sports and fitness administrators learn all the important know-how from the fields of sports and fitness as well as business administration and law. On the one hand, there are topics such as anatomy and exercise theory, and on the other, areas such as marketing and personnel management.

Sales and service management: What is the best way to sell a product - in this case, for example, a fitness course? That's what this learning field is all about. The trainees train how to deal with customers; for example, how to deal with complaints, how to advise customers individually on the phone. It also deals with the conclusion of membership contracts and the various sales channels.

Sports and exercise: The subject of sports and exercise covers many areas: Here, for example, trainees learn how bones, joints and muscles interact in the body or how the metabolism works. They are taught different training methods for individual training as well as group courses. They soon know how to draw up a training plan and are familiar with the special features of equipment training.

Marketing and event management: In this learning field, trainees get an insight into marketing and event management. They learn about marketing strategies in order to create advertising concepts and to be able to select the right advertising media and cooperation partners. In the area of sports management, trainees receive guidance on planning sports events.

Operational safety and accounting: Here, topics such as commercial arithmetic, investment planning and administration are on the timetable. It also involves compliance with sports-specific legal and administrative regulations. Sports and fitness business people should likewise know what measures to take in the event of an accident.

A monthly training allowance is paid in accordance with Section 8 (1) of the Collective Agreement for Trainees of the State of Hesse (TVA-H BBiG). This currently amounts to

1,126.85 EUR in the 1st year of training

1,181.43 EUR in the 2nd year of training

1,231.51 EUR in the 3rd year of training

Athletes: Of course, you should be physically fit and able to work under pressure. After all, as a sports and fitness merchant you will be active in sports every day.

Organizational skills: In order to keep things running smoothly at the General University Sports Center and the fitness studio, a lot of things have to be organized: Recording and maintaining customers, setting up the course program, searching for personnel - all of this also falls within your area of responsibility. You should therefore have a talent for organization.

Entertainer: It is an advantage if you have good communication skills and can approach people. For example, you should have no problem standing in front of a group of 20 people and demonstrating fitness exercises.

Philip, trainee as sports and fitness merchant at the University of Kassel in an interview

Tell us about your training

In the gym, I learn how to deal with people in training, whether it's writing training plans, giving advice or giving tips. In the office, I take care of member administration, which means signing contracts, processing cancellation procedures or being available to answer members' questions.

Philip in conversation

Why did you decide on an apprenticeship and specifically on this one?

It was clear to me from the beginning that I didn't want to go straight to university after graduating from high school, but wanted to do an apprenticeship first. I therefore decided to train as a sports and fitness merchant because I like to do a lot of sports in my free time (I play tennis and soccer, among other things) and sports in general play a big role in my life.

What is your motivation?

I like to be there for others in sports (as a trainer) and to pass on my knowledge about fitness. Also, I do well in college sports because I am part of a lot of projects that I enjoy.

What was your path to training?
I did my high school diploma in 2019 at the Grotefend Gymnasium in Hann. Münden. After that I was in Belgium for 2 months for an internship at an event agency before I worked in electrical engineering for about half a year.

Ask yourself beforehand if you ...

  • you are the person who organizes the parties in your circle of friends.
  • you enjoy dealing with people and are communicative.
  • you want to have a varied job.

or whether ...

  • sport is murder for you.
  • you regularly got bad grades in math, German, English and sports at school.
  • your inner pig is bigger than your will and therefore you have a hard time motivating other people to do sports.