Dual study Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

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Combining study and practice? At the University of Kassel, both are possible in one place.

The practice-integrated dual study program in computer science combines a course of study with practical phases - both at the University of Kassel. In addition, you will receive financial support.

What does a dual student Bachelor of Science- Computer Science do at the University of Kassel?

The dual student acquires knowledge that enables him/her to perform typical activities of a computer scientist and is necessary for practical implementation in the application, research and development of digital systems.

The relevant concepts, methods, procedures and models are taught in the courses of the degree program. These are supplemented by key competencies as well as a targeted introduction to university studies in the1st semester. The program covers the entire breadth of computer science. The first four semesters are characterized by consecutive basic courses in practical, technical and theoretical computer science as well as mathematics relevant for computer scientists. A wide range of supplementary elective courses enables an individual orientation of the studies up to the final thesis. Internships, laboratories and independent student teamwork characterize a large part of the courses.

Constant and direct contact between students and lecturers is practiced at the department. While the theory is taught in the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Kassel, the practical phases, in which what has been learned can be put into practice immediately, take place at the IT Service Center of the University of Kassel.

When does the Dual Bachelor's Program in Computer Science at the University of Kassel start and where does it take place?

The dual study program begins on August 1 of each year with a short practical phase at the IT Service Center, Holländischer Platz site, until the regular winter semester starts in October.
The course content is taught by the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, Wilhelmshöher Allee site.

The prerequisite for studying computer science at the University of Kassel is the Allgemeine Hochschulreife, Fachhochschulreife or a special professional qualification. The study program Computer Science is not subject to admission restrictions.
Further information on the admission procedure can be found at: www.uni-kassel.de/uni/studium/bewerbung

During the practical phases, you will be deployed in the IT service center and participate in flexitime, i.e. you can determine the start and end of your daily working hours yourself within the framework of the applicable pre- and post-flexitime and the applicable core working hours. Note, however, that it makes sense for you to be present even when your instructor is also on site.

The dual study program Bachelor of Science - Computer Science consists of an alternation of practical and lecture phases and lasts 7 semesters. The lecture phases take place in the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, Wilhelmshöher Allee site, and the practical phases in the IT Service Center, Holländischer Platz site.

The dual study program Bachelor of Science - Computer Science consists of individual modules, which are defined in the examination regulations and described in more detail in the module handbook.

A total of 180 credits are awarded for the successfully completed bachelor's degree program. Of these, 15 credits are allotted to the bachelor's degree module.

Further information (examination regulations, module handbook, etc.) can be found at https://www.uni-kassel.de/uni/studium/informatik-bachelor.

The dual students receive a monthly remuneration which is based on the remuneration of trainees according to § 8 para. 1 of the collective agreement for trainees of the state of Hesse (TVA-H BBiG). This currently amounts to

  • 1,091.85 EUR in the 1st year

  • 1,146.43 EUR in the 2nd year

  • 1,196.51 EUR in the 3rd year

  • 1,265.97 EUR in the 4th year

Dual students must be able to work carefully and accurately, need IT knowledge and analytical skills, for example when they need to create evaluations or understand facts, and they should be willing to learn. Reliability, commitment, sociability, a sense of responsibility, diligence and discretion are also welcome qualities in this profession.

Ask yourself beforehand if you ...

  • have a strong interest in IT.
  • have independence and initiative and are able to work under pressure.
  • you have a high degree of flexibility and determination.

Or whether you ...

  • do not have a good knowledge of English, computer science and German.
  • are not interested in mathematics and the natural sciences.
  • do not want to work in a team.