Promotion of young talent

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The promotion of young academics is of great concern to the University of Kassel. It wants to offer doctoral and postdoctoral students a stimulating and supportive environment. To improve the framework conditions, the Graduate Academy was established in 2014 as a university-wide forum for the promotion of young scientists.

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At the University of Kassel, doctoral students can pursue doctorates in a variety of disciplines, depending on their individual research focus, and pursue corresponding doctoral degrees. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the challenges of the socio-ecological transformation require a comprehensive process of structural change and interdisciplinary links, which are taken into account at the University of Kassel in the training of doctoral students. The joint training of doctoral students via research associations and the Kassel Institute for Sustainability is intended to broaden the respective disciplinary view.


Doctoral programs


Colleges and centers with a holistic approach to sustainability

FB 05, FB 06, FB 07, FB 11, FB 14, FB 16, CESR

Graduate Center for Environmental Research and Teaching (GradZ Umwelt)

Since 2008

Colleges and centers for social sustainability

FB 05

Doctoral program "Social Human Rights (ProSom)", in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Fulda, funded by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation

Since 2016

FB 02 + FB 05

Doctoral College in the Humanities and Cultural Sciences (GeKKo)

Since 2010

FB 05

Kassel International Graduate Center for Social Sciences (KIGG)

Since 2007

FB 05

Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development (ICDD), funded by the DAAD

Since 2009

FB 05

Global Social Policies and Governance, funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation and Heinrich Böll Foundation

Since 2007

FB 01 + FB 07

Health Professions in Global Change, in cooperation with Fulda University of Applied Sciences, with funding from the Innovation and Structural Development Budget of the HMWK

2016 -2020

FB 05 + FB 07

Privacy and trust for mobile users, in cooperation with TU Darmstadt et al., funded by DFG


FB 01

Doctoral platform Graduate support in teacher education.

Since 2017

Colleges and centers on economic sustainability

FB 07

Graduate School in Economic Behavior and Governance (GS EBGo)


Colleges and centers on environmental sustainability

FB 11

Cooperative Doctoral Platform "Food Economics and Technology", in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Fulda

Since 2017

FB 15

SHINE Solar Heat Integration Network

Since 2006

Colleges and programs funded within the program line "Aufbau Graduiertenprogramme" of the University of Kassel

FB 05

Graduate Program  "Ecologies of Social Cohesion" funded within the program line "Aufbau Graduiertenprogramme".

2017 - 2020

INCHER, FB 07; FB 05; FB 16.

Elitereproduction in transition? The Importance of Higher Education for Career Trajectories in Different Sectors of Society (ELBHA) funded in the framework of the program line "Aufbau Graduiertenprogramme".


FB 10

"Biological clocks" funded within the program line "Aufbau Graduiertenprogramme".


FB 11

Rural-Urban Dynamics in Bangalore (RuDy), in cooperation with the Georg-August-University Göttingen, funded within the program line "Aufbau Graduiertenprogramme".


Junior Research Group




Heisenberg Professorship Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies: Junior Research Group "Beyond a Politics of Punishment" and Junior Research Group "Protest and Reform in the GPÖ

Social Sciences


Since 2014.

"Disordering African cites: urban planning, housing and infrastructures from above and below in Dakar and Nairobi"

Architecture, urban and landscape planning


2016 - 2018

"Meta-Research in Economics"



2014 - 2016

 "Energy efficient hybrid systems for building air conditioning"

Mechanical Engineering


2015 - 2017

"Social jurisdiction and the development of social law and social policy in the Federal Republic of Germany", in cooperation with Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

Human sciences, social sciences, economics


Since 2017

"DeCarbFriends - The role of digital gaming applications in friendship networks for decarbonizing private consumption decisions"

Social sciences, economics


Since 2017