03.05.2019 | News

Do­cu­ment glo­bal cen­sor­ship – pro­tect free­dom of ex­pres­si­on: DIE KAS­SE­LER LIS­TE goes on­line

DIE KASSELER LISTE went online on May 1st 2019. It is an unparalleled database of books that are or have been banned. The project is a cooperation between the University of Kassel and the University of British Columbia.

Bild: Fabian Hilbich.
The Parthenon of Books (2017).

DIE KASSELER LISTE was originally created to support an art installation, the “Parthenon of Books.” The Argentinian artist Marta Minujín erected the monumental temple of banned books for the international art exhibition “documenta 14” which took place in Kassel in 2017. It was a sombre reminder of the history of censorship and illiberalism.

DIE KASSELER LISTE as of now records approximately 120.000 banned titles from numerous countries and time periods. However, this is but a small glimpse of the global scale of censorship, past and present.

The project is interactive: Everyone is welcome to expand DIE KASSELER LISTE. The website doesn’t just present information, it also allows visitors to submit information on censored books. Any user may submit data about current or historical cases, as long as they can provide a reference to a verifiable source.