09.05.2016 13:06

Best university for civil engineering students in Germany is the University of Kassel, leading ranking organization reports

The University of Kassel is Germany's top location for studying civil engineering – that is the result of the latest ranking undertaken by the Center for University Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung/CHE). Other departments at the University of Kassel also received high marks in the ratings, the results of which were published on Monday afternoon (May 2nd) on the website

Two assistants testing Ultra High Performance Concrete devoloped at the University of Kassel. Photo: Blafield.

According to the survey, students who go to the University of Kassel to study civil engineering will find very good academic conditions, will most likely finish their studies in an appropriate period of time, and will benefit from very good contact to actual professional practice in the field. In the fourth criterion of the ranking, the acquisition of research funding, the course of study received a medium rating. In the overall ranking, this earned the University of Kassel first place among the civil engineering courses of study examined at 21 German universities.

Other departments at the University of Kassel also performed well in the study. Kassel's electrical engineering course was in the leading group in the category "Degree earned in an appropriate period of time" and in "Contact to professional practice"; the mechanical engineering course was found to have good contact to professional practice and the mechatronics students were found to earn their degrees quickly; the psychology students gave an overall rate of their academic situation as above average; the course of study in biology was praised for its teaching of technical and scientific skills and the access it provides to laboratory internships. In addition to covering facts relating to studying, teaching and research at the universities, the CHE study also ascertained the judgments of the students themselves regarding academic conditions at their universities.

"The University of Kassel has undertaken massive efforts in recent years to improve the conditions of study in all departments. The good results found in this ranking are further evidence that we are on the right course," commented Kassel University Vice President Prof. Dr. Andreas Hänlein with satisfaction. "The CHE ranking confirms the trends that have been seen in our own surveys of Kassel students. The University of Kassel is an excellent place to successfully pursue one’s studies." In these internally conducted surveys, the students have recently been giving the University very good marks.

Among the measures taken by the University of Kassel in the past years to improve conditions are the following:

-    A detailed programme of quality management for the various courses of study
-    The successful integration of practice-relevant educational elements
-    Preliminary courses, additional didactic training for teachers, and similar support measures in connection with the Quality Pact for Teaching
-    Approximately 80 additional teaching positions implemented in connection with the Higher Education Pact 2020 in the past three years to handle the increasing number of students
-    New buildings such as the Campus Center that was opened in 2015 as well as the just completed addition of another floor to the Engineering Sciences Building III  

By its own account, the CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking of this sort that is prepared in German-speaking countries. It is published by the ZEIT weekly newspaper. All results of the study are available at: