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International students must first apply for admission to the University. You will find links to the information you need here: Application Procedure Undergraduate Studies

...and Re-Registration

Students wishing to continue their studies at the University of Kassel have to re-register each semester within a given period (“re-registration”). In order to re-register, the respective fee (semester fee, tuition fee and service fee) has to be paid by bank transfer. If you miss the official re-registration period, it is also possible to transfer the respective fee within a grace period. In this case you will be charged with an extra fee of 30 Euros. After having successfully completed your re-registration, a package of documents confirming your re-registration (including the semester ticket for public transportation in Kassel) will be sent to you.

1. Re-Registration period for the summer semester 2018

  • Beginning: 15 December 2017
  • End: 20 February 2018

Please do not transfer the fee prior to the re-registration beginning date!

Please also note:

  • The re-registration period for summer semester 2018 was indicated on the registration information sent to you along with your student documents (and registration confirmation) for winter semester 2017/18. However, the exact amount of the tuition fees is usually determined and published only shortly before the beginning of the registration period on this website.

  • In addition, all students with an user account of the IT Service Centre (ITS) receive registration information via their personal university email address (“”). 

If you have not activated your user account or university email address yet, you can do so by following the link:

2. Semester / tuition / service fee

The semester fee for summer semester 2018 amounts to 282,47 Euros. Students of the Master's programme Wind Energy Systems pay a reduced fee which amounts to 140,70 Euros.

3. Bank Transfer

Überweisungsträger (Beispiel)

Please transfer the semester fee to the account of the University of Kassel:

Commerzbank AG Kassel
IBAN-Code: DE30520400210260012000

Please enter your student registration number ("Matrikelnummer") in the space “Verwendungszweck”. Please also enter your name in the space"noch Verwendungszweck". 

Please note that transfers from abroad may result in additional fees. For further information and exact amounts, please contact your bank.

4. Late Re-Registration/Grace Period

Late re-registration applies, if 

  1. You have not transferred the semester fee before the expiration of the re-registration period.
  2. You have not transferred the total amount on time.
  3. You have transferred the total amount on time, but your re-registration is blocked for other reasons (e.g. the university has not been informed of a change in your health insurance provider or other registration requirements have not been met). 

Late re-registration is only possible within the grace period, lasting from 21 February 2018 to 05 March 2018. 

Late re-registration requires an additional 30 Euros payment fine which can be transferred along with the semester fee.  If the semester fee has already been paid in full, the late fee can be transferred separately to the account of the University of Kassel.

5. I do NOT wish to re-register

If you do not wish to re-register because you will complete your studies before the end of the current semester, for example, you must officially apply for deregistration (“Exmatrikulation”).

You will then receive a deregistration certificate for your personal records in:

  1. early April (deregistration by the end of winter semester, 31 March) or
  2. early October (deregistration by the end of summer semester, 30 September.).

This document is required for authorities for insurance purposes, as proof of availability to enrol at other universities or legalisation procedures in your home country.

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