An­ti-ha­rass­ment / Prof. Scher­rer

Ms. Erum Ahmed has been officially charged with online slander directed at Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer, the University of Kassel and many persons associated with Prof. Dr. Scherrer. She has also been charged with stalking Prof. Dr. Scherrer, who has been receiving inappropriate e-mails and threats since February 2008.  Ms. Ahmed has also slandered academic staff members of the Faculty of Social Sciences and students from the MA GPE programme.  All accusations made by Ms. Ahmed are false.  The University of Kassel has established clear regulations on these issues and there is absolutely no evidence that the accusations made by Ms. Ahmed are anything but malicious fabrications. 

Prof. Dr. Scherrer took legal action and as of 12 June 2008, the Kassel Amtsgericht (Local Court) decreed that Ms Ahmed:

  1. shall not contact Prof. Dr. Scherrer in any way, including telephone or e-mail;
  2. shall keep a distance of at least 100 metres from Prof. Dr. Scherrer and his office;
  3. shall not falsely accuse Prof. Dr. Scherrer of sexual harassment.

The German court decided that Ms. Ahmed could face up to 250,000 Euro in fines for making false accusations. Following the court decision, Ms. Ahmed left Germany and is back in Pakistan.

Background information on this case from Prof. Dr. Scherrer