Alumni Ella Häkkinen

Nationality: Finnish

Before EBGo: University of Glasgow, Business, Management & Economics

First job after EBGo: trivago GmbH, Brand Marketing Manager

Now:/Current Position: Futurice Oy (, Business Advisor

What made you decide to apply for Economic Behaviour and Governance at the University of Kassel?

I wanted to study specifically Behavioural Economics, as I had grown rather sceptical about mainstream economics through my bachelor studies. I wished to find like-minded thinkers to share thoughts and learn. In addition, I had a fascination towards Germany: I wanted to learn a new language and challenge myself further by living in a different country. So at the time I was applying (2012) the choice was relatively easy: There were only the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Universität Kassel, which were offering behavioural economics studies. Kassel it was!


What is the single most important thing you have learned during your Master in EBGo?
That I was right in challenging my mainstream professors about humans’ supposed omnipotent rationality ;) Haha!


How would you describe your time at University Kassel? / How would you describe your experience at University Kassel?
Fond memories. I really loved Germany! There were of course also challenges but I think you learn a lot from them.


Your favourite place in Kassel?
I’d have to say almost anywhere next to the Fulda! I went on bike rides to Hann. Münden quite often. I loved the nature in between.


How do you look back on your time at University of Kassel?
Intriguing and challenging! I really liked the pace of the study and the breath of the subjects. Let’s put it this way: I would’ve missed one of the single most transformative experiences of my life, had I not gone!


How has the programme changed you?
Some of the biggest challenges for me were also the most transformative. I was well equipped from my previous studies to do academic work, but I faced most challenges when doing group work. Working with people from very diverse backgrounds, attitudes, values, mindsets and skill levels was not always easy. These lessons were extremely valuable for the world of working life. We will never work so isolated again as we did in university. So taking the time to understand your peers and their motivations is extremely useful. Group work is a struggle, but something you will for sure value later on in life.


How has the Master EBGo provided you with the skills and knowledge required to do your current role?
Actually, the most important part for me was the econometrics! If I could do it all again, I would take as many of these courses as possible. The world is changing so fast when it comes to AI and data science that my advice to anyone doing economics would be to really take the precious time there is at university to learn econometrics! Very useful!