Book Fair

Excursion to Frankfurt Book Fair

What does the euro mean to you and the citizens of Europe? And what is the future for our single currency?" The Deutsche Bundesbank invited some 60 students, among them 16 students from the university of Kassel, to the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair to discuss these questions with Jens Weidmann, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, and Klaas Knot, President of De Nederlandsche Bank. The excursion was led by Nataliya Kusa and Andreas Hanl and included students from 9 different nationalities. Among the participants were three international students from our master programme Economic Behaviour and Governance as well as and 11 bachelor students from the Erasmus students exchange program of the university.

Upon arriving at the Book Fair in Frankfurt, the students had some time to look around before the discussion with Jens Weidmann und Klaas Knot started. The two highly reputable economists who are experts in monetary policy, managed to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere which lead to a lively discussion. Both patiently answered even the more complex questions of the students. After the discussion, had ended the students from Kassel used the remaining time to explore the book fair more closely.

The participants from the university of Kassel want to express their gratitude for the invitation towards to the Deutsche Bundesbank for the opportunity to take part in this very well organized event. The effort the Deutsche Bundesbank put into it was well worth it.

Link to the report of the event on the page of the Deutsche Bundesbank