Func­tio­nal Safe­ty En­gi­nee­ring (Master)

Studierende in Seminarsituation

The safety of computer based systems is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, the University of Kassel offers holders of a bachelor in mathematics, electrical engineering, mechatronics or computer science the three-semester master course study Functional Safety Engineering (FUSE). The study language of the master courses is English.
The students will learn how to use and implement the various safety standards such as IEC/EN 61508, IEC/EN 61511, IEC 61131, and ISO 26262 in industry and science. The necessary methodological equipment for this is acquired from various study modules, e.g. Mathematical Models for Safety Systems, Theory of Safety-related Computer Architectures and Safety Standards and Norms of Electronic Systems. This offers excellent job prospects for the graduates in industry and science.


Ge­­ne­ral pro­­gram­­me in­­­for­­ma­­ti­on

Master's programme: Func­tio­nal Safe­ty En­gi­nee­ring

Final degree: Master of Science

Beginning of study: Winter semester

Period of study: 3 semesters

Language of instruction: English

Ad­mis­si­on re­qui­re­ments

  • Evidence of a bachelor’s degree or “Diplom-I” examination in computer science, electrical engineering, mechatronics or mathematics. The specialist profile of the degree needs to meet the requirements of the Functional Safety Engineering master’s degree
  • and proof of a normal university course lasting at least 7 semesters
  • and a knowledge of English that matches the German B2 level
  • A entry score of 2.5  for the master's program is planned.

Ad­mis­si­on re­stric­tions

  • No

Fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­ce­du­re - win­ter se­mes­ter 2019/20

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on with a de­gree ear­ned in Ger­ma­ny

Please apply for this course via the online application portal for master’s degree courses at the University of Kassel.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pe­ri­od:

15.05.2019 - 01.09.2019

Please attach the following documents to your fully completed and signed application form:

If you already have a bachelor’s degree:

  1. A non-certified copy of your university degree certificate (Diplom, bachelor’s degree or equivalent)
  2. A complete transcript of records, including the subjects and grades
  3. Evidence of a knowledge of English at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference

If you do not yet have your bachelor’s degree:

  1. A provisional transcript of records covering the subjects and grades in your course so far  
  2. Written confirmation of your progress in your course that has been completed and signed by your current examinations office
  3. Evidence of a knowledge of English at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference

You need to have completed and passed at least 80% of the achievements necessary for gaining your degree. This means 144 of 180 credits or 168 of 210 credits. You also need evidence of your acceptance for your final dissertation (please specify the submission date). 

Please note that we will only process your documents if you have submitted your application on time and in full. 

  1. Complete the application form online. You may only specify one choice of course on each application! If you are interested in several courses, you must complete the online application form separately for each one.   
  2. After completing the application, you will be asked to print it and sign it.  
  3. Please print a second copy for your own records. 
  4. Attach the necessary documentation to your application (see “Which documents do I need for my application?”). Please note that your documents will only be processed if your application is complete and has been received on time.
  5. Send your application and the documentation to the registrar’s office by post or hand them in personally within the application deadline specified on this site. Please send your documents by post to: 

    Universität Kassel
    - Studierendensekretariat -
    34109 Kassel

Please note: the date on which the documents arrive at the University of Kassel determines whether they have arrived on time or not.

>> This takes you to the online application portal

  1. As soon as your application has been received, you will receive a digital acknowledgement of receipt.  
  2. The e-mail also contains information about logging into the application portal. You will need your applicant’s number for this.  
  3. Your application will then be checked to see whether it is complete and correct in formal terms. If any documents are missing, you will be informed of this by e-mail. So please check the spam filter in your mail programme too.  
  4. If your documents are complete, your application will be passed on to the examination board for the master’s degree course. It will check the contents of your application. The examination board will decide whether your qualifications match the requirements and whether to recognise your achievements in the past; it will make a decision to admit or reject you and may also set other content-related conditions.
  5. If the examination board does not have all the documents for its specialist review, the master’s degree office will send you an e-mail to inform you of this.
  6. The decision taken by the examination board will be passed on to the master’s degree office digitally.

The assessment and enrolment procedure described here may take up to 6 weeks during the peak phase of the application process! Please refrain for making any enquiries about your application during this time.

  1. You will receive an automatically generated acceptance mail. The e-mail contains important information about the introductory courses. 
  2. You will be enrolled for the master’s degree course. Following the enrolment, you will be sent the confirmation of acceptance for studies with further information on any documents that might be missing, any content-related conditions needing to be met and payment of the semester fees in the post. Please note the deadlines for submitting the documents and paying the semester fees.  
  3.  If you have been accepted for several master’s degree courses, you will be enrolled for all of them. The enrolment can be cancelled provided that you apply to withdraw from one or several master’s degree courses by the start of the semester.
  4. The assessment and enrolment procedure described here may take up to 6 weeks during the peak phase of the application process! Please refrain for making any enquiries about your application during this time.
  5. Introductory events will take place before you start your studies. The key questions on the structure of your course will be answered there. There are tips and information about the organisation and course of studies. And you will get to know your fellow-students too: so do not miss out!


Ap­p­­li­­ca­­ti­on with a de­gree ear­­ned outs­i­de Ger­­ma­­ny

If you pursued your Bachelor degree at a university outside Germany, you need to apply via uni-assist. uni-assist will pre-evaluate your application on behalf of the University of Kassel and inform you if further documents are required. 

Ap­p­­­li­­­ca­­­ti­on pe­­­ri­od:

Please make sure to add the following documents to your application:

  • The school certificate that entitles you to study at a university in your home country.
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia or Vietnam have to provide an APS certificate.
  • The degree of your current university.
  • Transcript of records including your grades of your prior and/or current studies at a university.
  • For an English taught Master's programme please submit certificates of English language skills on the required level B2 and according to the Common European Framework (CEF).
  • Depending on the master programme, further documents might be necessary, i.e.: curriculum vitae, reference letters, letter of motivation, additional documents. To learn more about additional documents for application please see the section Admission reqirements on this website.
  • Please make sure to hand in two sets of your documents at uni-assist: 1st authenticated copies in the original language, 2nd authenticated copies in a translated version (German or English). Please make sure to not hand in original documents since they will not be returned to you!

Uploaded documents at uni-assist will not be taken into consideration until the complete application set is send via postmail.

  1. After submitting your general personal data, you will receive a link via e-mail to activate your account and start your online application. 

  2. Please fill in the form about the applicant's data ("Bewerberdaten") first, before you go to the applications ("Anträge") and fill in your choice(s) of study. Please make sure to answer the further questions "weitere Frage" regarding each of your choices of study. 
  3.  Complete your application by printing out your documents for the application as well as for each of your choices of study. Sign the printed out documents and send them to uni-assist with the required certificates. 
  4. Submit your online data via the submit-button ("Antrag elektronisch übermitteln"). In case you want to change your data after submitting your application you need to contact uni-assist directly. 
  5. Pay the service fee to uni-assist. Unless the payment is booked on the bank account of uni-assist your application will not be processed and forwarded to the University of Kassel. 

Please note: Incomplete application sets and applications handed in at uni-assist after the application deadline not be taken into consideration. 

  1. uni-assist evaluates your application with regard to formal admission criteria given of the University of Kassel (i.e. GPA, German language knowledge, etc.). 

    a.     If documents / certificates for pre-evaluating your application set are required, you will be contacted by uni-assist. Please note the additional deadline to hand in those documents.  

    b.    If you do not meet the formal criteria of the University of Kassel or your previous studies are not acknowledged in Germany, uni-assist will inform you via email. Your documents will not be forwarded to the University of Kassel. An admission is not possible. 

    If you meet the formal requirements uni-assist forwards your data to the University of Kassel. You will be informed via email about this procedure. 
    You may now start your Visa application. The University of Kassel will provide you with a letter for your Visa application. Please contact the Master’s office. However, this letter is no admission confirmation. Its purpose is to help you with an early visa application. 
  2. The admission board of the Master programme now evaluates your eligibility with regard to your previous studies and study content.
  3. You will be informed about the admission or disaffirmation via email by the Master’s office. Please read the admission letter carefully since it contains enrollment information. The evaluation of your application set by uni-assist and the University of Kassel takes up to 6 weeks. It is in your interest to apply as early as possible to ensure your arrival in Germany prior to the beginning of the semester.
  4. In case further documents for pre-evaluating your application set are required, you will be contacted by uni-assist. If you do not meet the formal criteria of the University of Kassel, uni-assist will inform you directly. Your documents will not be forwarded to the University of Kassel.
  5. Uni-assist will keep your documents saved for four years as data package. Documents will only be forwarded to the university of your choice. After those four years, your documents will be deleted.
  6. It is not possible to return the certificates, however. In case you wish to apply for another programme at the University of Kassel you would have to apply once more with a complete set of documents.

You received an admission letter from the University of Kassel? You successfully applied for your Visa? Now it is time to get registered as an official student at the University of Kassel. Therefore, please follow these steps: 

Please contact the faculty of your Master’s programme to confirm your participation in the programme. Once you arrive in Kassel compulsory first steps are the Residence registration, opening a bank account and contacting a public health insurance.   

  1. After opening a bank account and signing the contract with a health insurance, please visit the Master’s office. Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 13:00 - 15:00 pm.
  2. Please bring along the enrolment application (see the following link) as well as a proof of your public health insurance in Germany and a copy of your admission letter. Application for enrolment (Einschreibantrag)
  3. The Master’s office needs about 2 to 5 days to process your enrollment. You will receive a letter confirming your enrollment to your German address. The letter contains detailed information on how to transfer the semester fee.
  4. You need to transfer the semester fee within two weeks after receiving the enrollment information. Otherwise, your seat will be given to another applicant and an enrollment is no longer possible.
  5. As soon as your semester fee is booked on the bank account of the University of Kassel, you will receive your student papers including the semester ticket for public transportation via postal mail. Please make sure that your name is written on your letter box.
  6. Finally, please visit the following websites to find more information on how to organize your stay in Kassel and how to get prepared. It is also highly recommended to register for the Orientation Week to help you get acquainted with the Campus and your studies: orientation-week

Since the above mentioned procedures might take up to 14 days, you are kindly asked to arrive in Kassel prior to 1 April for summer semester intake or 1 October for winter semester intake. Otherwise, it is doubtful that you receive your semester ticket on time to already use it with the beginning of April or October. 

For formal questions regarding the application procedure, your application set or additional documents, please write to the Master’s office: If already available, please name your application number!  

In­for­ma­ti­on und Be­ra­tung