Pilot Modules

The University of Kassel offered eight pilot modules. These pilot modules can be fully credited later for the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems.1

Winter semester 2013/14

<media 8421 - - "TEXT, Module WES Linear Computational Structural Mechanics, Module_WES_Linear_Computational_Structural_Mechanics.pdf, 94 KB">Linear Computational Structural Mechanics of Wind Energy Systems</media>

<media 8403 - - "TEXT, Module Planning Construction Wind Farns, Module_PlanningConstructionWindFarns.pdf, 90 KB">Planning and Construction of Wind Farms</media>
Summer semester 2014
<media 8401 - - "TEXT, Module Energy Meteorology, Module_EnergyMeteorology.pdf, 97 KB">Wind Energy Meteorology</media>
<media 8400 - - "TEXT, Module Energy Law, Module_EnergyLaw.pdf, 90 KB">Energy Law</media>
Winter semester 2014/15
<media 12489 - - "TEXT, WES Module Application of Aoftware Tools, WES_Module_Application_of_Aoftware_Tools.pdf, 90 KB">Application of Software Tools</media>
<media 8414 - - "TEXT, Module WES Design Mechanical Electrical Components, Module_WES_Design_Mechanical_Electrical_Components.pdf, 103 KB">Design of Electrical and Mechanical Components</media>
Summer semester 2015
<media 11952 - - "TEXT, WES Module Electrical Engineering, WES_Module_Electrical_Engineering.pdf, 92 KB">Electrical Engineering</media>
<media 8416 - - "TEXT, Module WES Fluid Mechanics, Module_WES_Fluid_Mechanics.pdf, 93 KB">Fluid Mechanics</media>

1 Please notice that this credit transfer will reduce your tuition fees for the whole master's program.

Feedback from Students

"The class included a lot of detailed practical information on the planning and construction of wind farms. It provided a good insight into the step by step development of wind farms. The assignments given in the class were based on the daily work and helped us to understand the work of a wind farm developer."

Fabian Sondermann, Germany, M.Sc. Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

“What I appreciate most about the WES programme is the ability to
interact with educators deeply connected within the wind power
industry. The partnership between Fraunhofer and Universität Kassel provides unique access to top quality professors, research, and industry

Elliot Simon, USA, Technical Project Manager, Renewabl.es Consulting

"I had the opportunity to participate in the pilot phase of the Online Master's program of wind energy systems. As a full-time employee with frequent travelling duties, conventional or night classes are not an option. This program provides flexibility in both time and place; I can access all classes whenever I like, even if I miss the real-time sessions, through the recordings, and all I need is an internet connection and a computer. In addition, instructors from both academia and industry give the courses through a great web platform emulating a real class"

Ahmed Abdel Khalek, Germany, M.Sc. Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

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