Where do we stand with nanotechnology?

Extended Deadline

Please note: The deadline for abstract submission has been extended. Application for the conference by submitting your abstract will be possible until August 31.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology CINSaT at the University of Kassel is pleased to announce the 2012 nano3D-Kassel conference.

Our 3-dimensional macroscopic world consists of objects of various materials that can be manufactured in a controlled manner from a diversity of materials. In the nano world, however, the main focus is on the fabrication of 2-dimensional structures. Techniques for fabrication, characterization and application of 3D nanostructures are just at their advent. This conference is dedicated to discuss new concepts for the fabrication and characterization of 3D nanostructures and their possible applications. Examples for the definition of 3D nanostructures include, but are not restricted to:

  • individual objects with designed shapes with all three dimensions smaller than 1 µm (free objects or objects on a surface

  • self-organizing / self-assembling 3D arrangements of particles or molecules consisting of individual objects with all three dimensions smaller than 1 µm and periodicities smaller than 1 µm

  • laterally patterned multilayer systems with pattern sizes in both dimensions smaller than 1 µm and layer thicknesses smaller than 1 µm

  • layer by layer deposited 3D objects on surfaces / resembling rapid prototyping technology (all three dimensions smaller than 1 µm)

  • multilayer systems with buried nanoobjects

Don't miss the opportunity to discuss the potential of 3-dimensional nanostructures and to network with leading scientists in the field of nanotechnology. More...

First speakers annouced

Harald Giessen (Universität Stuttgart)
Stuart Parkin (IBM)
Oliver Schmidt (IFW Dresden)
Henk Swagten (TU Eindhoven)

See a list of all invited speakers here.