About the Forum

As the topic of sustainable operations and supply chain management is now well established, it is appropriate to assess the theoretical core of the field. This becomes even more evident as different streams of research even on the same sub-topic applying different methods are often hardly connected. This gap already exists in the perception of various empirical methods but seems to be particularly strong among empirical and modeling based research. A second aspect is the international reach of related research. This is strongly dominated by research on companies in Europe and North America. Data on other parts of the world is still scarce. Hence, further investigations on sustainability in international supply chains and global operations are needed to establish related assumptions by sound observation and rigorous analyses.
The forum targets all researchers interested in Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management. It aims at stimulating the discussion between related research communities and encouraging multi-method studies that elaborate on the important and prevalent question of how to manage operations and supply chains in a truly sustainable way. Unlike earlier events, the focus of this forum is broadened from purely empirical analyses to conceptual studies and formal models. To put a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange, the 5th International EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum is organized in cooperation with the EURO Working Group on Sustainable Supply Chains. Abstracts from any of the above mentioned research methods are encouraged. The event enables in-depth discussions in a small setting in order to generate new insights and facilitate collaboration opportunities.

The Forum will use three different session formats:

  • Keynote Plenary Sessions  – by invited academics and practitioners
  • Roundtable discussions of working papers
  • Formal presentations of full papers

Prof. Joseph Sarkis, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has agreed to deliver the keynote for the 5th EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum.