Submission is now closed. Thanks to everyone for their submissions!

The Program Committee will review the proposals and make decisions regarding acceptance, format, and arrangement into sessions. Authors will be notified of decisions by the beginning of April 2016.

Inquiries about the submission process or the conference should be sent to


Submission Format

Proposals should include:

1. Title

2. Author information (Name, Affiliation, Country and Email addresses for all authors)

3. First author student status (this will be used for award eligibility)

4. Submission preference (Spoken Only, Poster Only, Spoken or Poster)

5. At least three relevant keywords

6. Appropriate topic areas for reviewing (see end of document).

7. An 80-word abstract

8. A 1200-word summary of the presentation (including bibliography).


The summary should have a title but no author information. It should contain basic sections including a short theoretical introduction/framework, methodological overview (including quantitative or qualitative approach), key findings, and a brief discussion. The summary will be submitted as a pdf file without metadata and should be saved using a generic title (e.g. summary.pdf) Proposals that exceed the length specified will not be reviewed.


Submission-based Awards

The Society recognizes excellence in research with two annual awards based on papers submitted to the Annual Meeting: 

The Outstanding Student Paper Award

The Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) recognizes quality in work that is predominantly that of a graduate student. Accordingly, the student must be first author on the paper. The student's major advisor will be asked to confirm that this work has been done primarily by the student.

The Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award

The Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award (JAOYSA) honors the memory of Jason Albrecht, a promising young text and discourse researcher who passed away in 1996. The award recognizes an outstanding paper based on a doctoral dissertation. The doctoral candidate or recent doctorate must be first author on the paper. The student's dissertation advisor must send an email certifying that the work is based on the nominee's doctoral dissertation, and recommending the candidate for the award.

Proposals eligible for the Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award and the Outstanding Student Paper Award will undergo two reviews: one by the regular Program Review Committee and a second by the Awards Committee. Only proposals that are accepted for presentation as spoken papers on the program will be considered for the awards. Finalists may be asked for additional information regarding the submission for the final award review process.

Recipients of each award receive a certificate and a $150 award check.