29.03.2017 15:34

Members of INCHER-Kassel and Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent met to strengthen links and further cooperation

On Friday March 10 a delegation from INCHER-Kassel met with colleagues from the Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG) (, a higher education research centre at Ghent University in Belgium. They meeting took place in order to facilitate networking between the researchers at the two centres, and identify areas of future cooperation. 16 researchers, 8 from each centre met at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne.

After a brief round of introduction of all participants Prof. Jeroen Huisman, head of CHEGG, introduced the Centre, its history and research profile. This was followed by a presentation by Lisa Brockerhoff, a PhD candidate at CHEGG, who presented first results of her PhD followed by Jens Jungblut who introduced the history, structure and research profile of INCHER Kassel. A presentation of Prof. Krücken focusing on avenues for further research regarding the topic of competition in higher education completed the first round of presentations.

The second part of the programme had the aim to give all participants the chance to briefly talk about each other’s research focus. And in a final plenary discussion the participants reflected about the day, the impressions they got from the other centre as well as avenues for further collaboration. All in all, the meeting of INCHER Kassel and CHEGG facilitated connections both on the level of the two centres but also among individual scholars, provided the participants with a better overview of the higher education landscape in Europe, and sparked ideas for future research cooperation.