Titel: Forschungskolloquium: Early bridges - The impact of interdisciplinarity and novelty on young academi…
Startdatum: 03 Dezember
Startzeit: 18:00
Stoppzeit: 19:30Uhr
Veranstalter: INCHER-Kassel
Professor Dr. Raphael Heiko Heiberger (Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Universität Stuttgart)  
Ort: findet online statt (Zoom)


Interdisciplinary research is increasingly demanded by funding agencies and is seen as a source for the development of new research strands as well as of enhanced scientific impact. However, it is not clear if scholars benefit from undertaking such endeavours due to cognitive and organizational strains that interdisciplinary work puts on researchers. In particular, we inspect the impact of "high risk, high reward" boundary-spanning on a time in scientists' life that is itself characterized by much insecurity, the early career period. We use a comprehensive datasets on U.S. physicists and track their careers from thesis onwards. Rather than examining individual papers and their performance based on interdisciplinarity, hence, we take a look at the success of researchers based on the diversity of publications in the first years after one's dissertation. We operationalize disciplinary diversity along three dimensions, variety, balance and disparity of classifications assigned to publications. While diversity in and of itself might be beneficial or detrimental to a career it is not necessarily innovative to a field. To account for innovation and its effects on careers, we include a measure for novel combinations of classifications. We estimate a logistic regression model to investigate the effect of early career diversity on establishing an academic career, controlling for output, prestige, gender and citations. We expect different effects for our four explanatory factors, i.e., an overall negative effect of diversity and novelty on initially establishing a career and a positive effect on careers that manage to persist.

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